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 Video of the draft lottery for those who would like to watch it again. Has the final results of tonight's NHL Draft Lottery with New York winning the first overall pick in the June entry draft.

1 New York Islanders
2 Tampa Bay Lightning
3 Colorado Avalanche
4 Atlanta Thrashers
5 Los Angeles Kings
6 Phoenix Coyotes
7 Toronto Maple Leafs
8 Dallas Stars
9 Ottawa Senators
10 Edmonton Oilers
11 Nashville Predators
12 Minnesota Wild
13 Buffalo Sabres
14 Florida Panthers

NYI Fan Central Comments:

What can I write folks?

It's been a very long, tough year for this team and it's fans. Enjoy tonight and something good happening for this franchise because you sure have earned it. Brian Compton had comments from General Manager Garth Snow and Director of Pro Scouting Kenny Morrow shortly after the lottery ended along with John Tavares and Victor Hedman.

"It was obviously something that was very well-publicized and something people were looking forward to, but being a goalie as long as I was, there's a lot of things you can't control," Islanders General Manager Garth Snow told "We hoped for the best and probably didn't sweat it out, knowing that I really didn't have any control over the situation."

"I'm thrilled for our fans," said Director of Pro Scouting Ken Morrow, who won four straight Stanley Cups with the club. "I'm thrilled for our organization. It's a great moment. We're going to take full advantage of this."

"It would obviously be a great opportunity," Tavares said of being drafted by the Islanders. "It's a very historic franchise. There's a great tradition there, so it would be a great honor and a special feeling. I'd be glad to be a part of the organization. Hopefully to win a Stanley Cup would be amazing."

"Obviously, it would be a great feeling to go first overall," Hedman said. "The Islanders have got the first pick, and if I go to them I'd dedicated to doing good work with the team and to help them make the playoffs very soon."

"It's a big moment for the franchise," Snow said. "We just have to go through the process of scouting meetings. We need great players and we need a new building -- there's no doubt about that."

Newsday: Greg Logan had Ken Morrow, director of pro scouting who represented the Islanders on the Versus telecast of the lottery with his comments.

Point Blank/Mr Botta: Recaps the media press conference with general manager Garth Snow's comments.

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Central Scouting Final Draft Rankings Released

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/14/2009 03:13:00 PM | | | | Comment Here Adam Kimmelman had two articles with CSB final draft rankings with NHL Central Scouting Director E.J. McGuire's comments on the top ten skaters in North America & Europe which included NHL Director of European Scouting Goran Stubb's comments. Final North American Skaters & Goaltenders. Final European Skaters & Goaltenders.

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Okposo will start Bridgeport Playoffs/Notables

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Islanders/Sound Tigers websites & Point Blank/Mr Botta & Ct Post Michael Fornabaio in the Sound Tigers blog all report Kyle Okposo will play the opening two games for Bridgeport Friday and Saturday at the Coliseum against WBS Pens before likely departing for the World Championships.

Mr Fornabaio's report had details on today's practice.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Some players like Craig Anderson Florida turned down team USA's invitation to participate which winger David Booth also may do here. Scott Gordon is expected to leave Sunday to be on head coach Ron Wilson's staff for team USA and with Bridgeport already having enough injuries (Comeau-McLean-Colliton) on their clear day list they have enough latitude so Kyle Okposo or other players can play for Bridgeport at this time.

Having written that if Jeremy Colliton (or Kurtis McLean for example) did return they would have to play which is the significance of the clear-day list.
Point Blank/Mr Botta: Had an excellent interview with Hall of Fame Islander general manager Bill Torrey on the draft he selected Denis Potvin and the top players in this years class.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
In my estimation the greatest New York sports executive in history for his class, grace and character combined with ability. The chemistry he had with Al Arbour is unmatched anywhere in professional sports.

Having written that Bill Torrey made the wrong call on Dave Chyzowski (and a few other top picks) but he went by the consensus draft board which is what you have to do regardless how it played out.

This is why I would have no problem if Snow drafted John Tavares or Victor Hedman and they did turn out to be a draft bust.

My point is be conventional.
************************************************** Announced today Islander prospect Rob Hennigar was named the CCM ECHL Rookie of the Month for March lead the league with 17 assists and 23 points in 13 games to help Utah qualify for the Kelly Cup Playoffs.

Newsday for now has not had an Islander blog update on Okposo which could bring more fans to Friday-Saturday games as they advertise on the Isles website but Jim Baumbach here has his latest reason to write the Islanders are a joke on his own behalf while the Cablevision owned team does not even give Steve Zipay any information at all here when they suffer an injury.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Call me cynical but I do not respect coverage double-standards. If the paper covers both teams exactly the same there is no problem here and if Mr Baumbach wrote the Rangers were a joke for announcing nothing on Drury I would respect that standard.

Lets see Jim Baumbach call out his employers teams for doing far less than Charles Wang or Garth Snow who has been far more accessible to Greg Logan and Newsday staff than James Dolan or Glen Sather has been to Newsday for years.

Updated 6:04pm:

Newsday: Mr Logan in the Islanders Newsday blog had player reaction on what they think the team needs in the draft as Trent Hunter, Mark Streit & Brendan Witt comments on that and the clubs needs. Head coach Scott Gordon also comments on the injuries and the lack of scoring while general manager Garth Snow was quoted on those subjects as he talked about what his priority is as general manager.

Mr Logan said he will have more from the general manager after tonight's lottery in a 9pm press conference among several items included in this entry.

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It's Lottery Day For New York

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/14/2009 12:00:00 PM | Comment Here

Not much to write here about the bouncing ping-pong balls. Islanders will have the first pick or the second pick coming out of this. I'm not sure if that means if the Isles envelope is the first drawn (fifth) they are immediately given the second slot and the others battle for first.

Everyone can only fall back one spot, but five can move as high as one. I know there is a formula that if you hear x team in x spot as the lottery progresses it means another team won or moved up or back, call me lazy but it's not worth the time for the five minutes it takes to explain it vs when it actually happens.

I will have more AFTER the lottery but if you read NYIFC on 3/16 no sense repeating where I stand if they actually do win here.

Obviously based on Garth Snow's comments Monday the general manager is not going with my idea.

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Update/Recap on Rick DiPietro

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/14/2009 10:01:00 AM | Comment Here
Around the early portion of March I was wondering if anything new was going to be announced on Rick DiPietro because his six weeks-eight weeks of doing nothing but resting was up.

The Isles issued a brief release in March that was very much like the one Garth Snow said Monday.

Mr Logan had the DiPietro story in Newsday's coverage late Sunday, Dan Martin of the NY Post also reported this and had comments

NYI Fan Central Comments:
I'm not a doctor and only know what's reported or announced by the Islanders and the general manager and we got our answer.

It's fair to speculate that unless DiPietro suffered a new injury at some point in it was determined he did need that additional surgery which would explain him being on crutches now. This was all on the table when it was announced in January even if surgery was something the doctor thought could be avoided.

In the end actions will speak louder than words but from day one the idea is to get him a hundred percent healthy regardless how long it takes. If the Islanders sign a number one goaltender from outside the organization this summer, it's obvious there are doubts about him being ready for camp and beyond.

As of now the gm says he is on target and will start skating in August, so we'll see.

One thing that can be written is between working his way back from injury and a year without pucks on almost a daily basis this is not going to be easy for any player to return from much less be a franchise goaltender from day one of camp.
Just to recap what was reported by the teams doctor and the club on his rehab at the time back on January 20th for those who see this as some kind of new and major setback.

Sorry but surgery (if it happened) was reported as possible back on 1/20.

On January 20th the Islanders announced Rick DiPietro's season was over and team doctor Elliott Hershman NY Times NY Daily News & Newsday.

Dr. Elliott Hershman, the team orthopedist, said that the 27-year-old DiPietro, who has played in only five games this season, would rest for six to eight weeks before doctors decided if he needed additional surgery.

According to Hershman, that process will take 6-8 weeks. At that point, a decision will be made regarding the next step. Since there is no ligament damage, Hershman said reconstructive surgery won't be necessary. But further surgery on the meniscus remains a possibility.

"At this time, we're not anticipating any further surgery but we're certainly following this knee to make sure that the inflammation and swelling does resolve on a more permanent basis so he is able to return fully".

It should also be noted it was reported DiPietro in January was sent to Dr. James Andrews, a noted orthopedist in Birmingham, Ala where he was in on the decision to shut him down for the season.

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Islander News Articles 4/14

Will add in more articles later tonight or tomorrow morning to this entry.

Newsday: Greg Logan has general manager Garth Snow's comments that he is considering several options with his draft pick regardless what happens tomorrow and will not rule out a possible trade, head coach Scott Gordon comments on his goaltending and what could be done with the pick.

"We can't control what unfolds," Snow said, "but I do know, whichever scenario it is, we'll get a good hockey player."

"There's five or six that are good players that I think will be selected in that range. There's a process we're going to go through, and we're going to have our meetings and have some really good debates on what decision we ultimately end up making."

"It's a desirable situation to be in leading up to the draft," Snow said. "I would be crazy not to take [trade] calls. It's part of my duties as general manager to look at all options."

"It's too early in the process," Snow said. "We have our scouts following players and teams now. We have meetings coming up in the next week or so. We have another round of meetings in May and June."

NYI Fan Central Comments:

Obviously the general manager and the staff is going to go through the process which means for Islander fans the drama will continue until they select on draft night whether we agree or not.

Newsday: Mr Logan also had comments from general manager Garth Snow who declined Monday to discuss the Newsday beatwriters late Sunday report about Rick DiPietro seen using crutches recently.

"You're asking about players' rehab and what they've got to do,'' Snow said. "I'm not going to get into all the rehab. What I will say is Rick is progressing nicely. We expect him to be skating in August like he usually does in getting ready for training camp."

"His rehab is going smoothly," Snow said. "We're planning on him starting to skate in August. That's the protocol for his rehabilitation."

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Not going to hit this very hard but Cablevision owned Newsday Ranger beatwriter Steve Zipay Monday was not critical of the team he covers not announcing any update at all on an injury to Chris Drury or had one word of criticism all season for the team the paper owns going with league policy in the extremely rare instances they did sustained an injury while the Islanders took a verbal assault almost on a daily basis in print from Mr Logan and the Newsday staff for the first few months of the season.

In this instance today Mr Logan has a job to report and is obligated to press the general manager for comments on something he writes in the newspaper about a player injury in terms of Rick DiPietro, Snow is not required to be specific by league rules but if he goes beyond upper-lower body is not allowed to make a false statement.

NY Post: Dan Martin also had the general managers comments on the teams season, the lottery, the draft in June and goaltender Rick DiPietro with Mr Martin also reporting DiPietro was seen on crutches.

"I don't think when you're in 30th place, we should be satisfied with any one aspect that transpired this season," Snow said.

Point Blank/Mr Botta: Has an excellent interview with Pierre McGuire of NBC/TSN on the top picks and the NHL draft.

NYI Fan Central Comments:

As always folks should visit Mr Botta's outstanding blog for the information he works to produce for our fans.

Associated Press: Has a brief preview of Tuesday's NHL lottery with teams and percentages to win the top overall pick. Had the release announcing Mark Streit will play for Switzerland at the World Championships.

Globe & Mail: David Shoalts reports Leafs general manager Brian Burke hopes to sign Boston University defenceman Matt Gilroy, the Hobey Baker Memorial Award winner as the top player in U.S. college hockey as early as today while Toronto Sun Steve Buffery reports talks between the Maple Leafs and Gilroy continued Monday, but no deal has been reached with BU spokesman Brian Kelley saying the defenseman is going to take the next couple of days to decide which NHL team to sign with.

Canadian Press: Has Senators general manager Bryan Murray's comments that Mike Comrie did not do enough in his twenty two games with the Senators to warrant a new contract in a season ending review.

Tampa Tribune: Erik Erlensson reports the Lightning will send former captain Dave Andreychuk to represent them during the proceedings after winning last year.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
That means for those scoring at home Garth Snow is not required to be on live television tonight or represent the club on stage.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio has the Sound Tigers Notebook with comments from head coach Jack Capuano

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Islander-NHL Notables

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/13/2009 04:13:00 PM | | | | Comment Here
Media Blog/Corey Witt: Reported defenseman Mark Streit will play for Switzerland at the World Championship which Mr Logan also reported on in the Islanders Newsday blog here along with what he will have in the paper this week on the lottery, players final thoughts...ect.

Point Blank/Mr Botta: Had some updates on the lottery with an early draft primer.

Colorado The Colorado Avalanche Hockey Club announced today that Executive VP/General Manager Francois Giguere has been relieved from his duties. Effective immediately, Avalanche President and Alternate Governor Pierre Lacroix will oversee the franchise until a new management structure is announced.

Minnesota Wild: The National Hockey League’s (NHL) Minnesota Wild announced today that Head Coach Jacques Lemaire, the only coach in franchise history, is stepping down. The announcement was made at a press conference at Xcel Energy Center.

Buffalo News: Lindy Ruff will coach Canada at the World Championships.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio in his Sound Tigers blog reported from practice who is back from the Islanders, updates the injuries with a few words on the schedule and Kyle Okposo.

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Quick Hits

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/13/2009 10:00:00 AM | Comment Here
* I Have to admit it's tempting and the bait is out there with Bridgeport playing games at the Coliseum the day this blog closes for good but I am going to stick to the closing date Friday despite some very kind e-mails asking me to keep going which was very appreciated.

This is why there are feeders for newspapers and to go through Bridgeport's playoffs means perhaps blogging into June, then the draft and free agency.

Does it feel completely right to cover a team like Bridgeport all season and stop blogging the day the playoffs begin? Absolutely not, but then the question becomes when is the right time to stop?

I suspect Bridgeport is going to win at least a round and it would not shock me if a team that was first overall for a few days makes a very serious run at the Calder Cup into June.

I sure do hope so.

Trust me, I will leave NYIFC setup very well for Bridgeport's playoffs and the World Championships here even without any more blogs entries. I will tweak a few things if necessary here and there to keep things updated.
* I feel bad for our fans who despite any picks they draft this summer and regardless of who they sign will for the first time really have a serious distraction hanging over them with the Lighthouse and Mr Wang's start of season deadline. I'm afraid to write as tough as many have had it this year torn between losing to gain something tomorrow or winning to gain something for the prospects no matter what happens on the ice until the Lighthouse is resolved it will take on a life bigger than the hockey games as it did in other places.

Charles Wang in 2006 fired Neil Smith when he did to avoid a September distraction, this time it will be unavoidable unless the Lighthouse is approved.

Unfortunately if it's not resolved it's going to take over everything.
* I wonder if Tom Suozzi thinks he can let Charles Wang (or anyone who buys the club from him) out of a binding lease before 2015? Just as importantly now I think Gary Bettman's patience is run out waiting for progress even if the Cablevision Garden is older and just as run down as the Coliseum.

All I do know is ticket plans for some involve next season and 2010-2011, a few more years beyond that and all bets beyond a huge cable contract are off with the Isles only gaining more leverage as the lease and Smg agreement wind down.

And we have heard nothing from Smg, who are entitled to their contract and not to say one word until it expires.
* To answer a question I received, the New York Islanders have never contacted me with any criticism either year of the blog box and like Mr Botta were nothing but first class with NYIFC both seasons. If the Islanders continue the program understand going in they let you write whatever you want or at least they did in my case and were a pleasure.

I'm sure the folks who actively participated will have the same praise but my involvement was to blog without sitting in the box or doing interviews because that was not my interest which they knew and understood going in.

In my estimation instead of an amateur blog box they need four more professional media individuals to do what Mr Botta has done so very well for our fans all season with Point Blank. There are many Newspapers folding or limiting hockey coverage and something for the Islanders to consider.
* Interesting how some media despite the Tampa organization saying they would not trade a player who's ten year contract (complete with no trade clause) kicks in come July 1st in Vinnie LeCavalier would move him anyway.
* No shock Miroslav Satan was recalled by Pittsburgh, sad how far he has fallen he had to go through recall waivers to rejoin his own team but if he were claimed he could not play for the team that claimed him until next year and that's after resigning him because he's an UFA.
* Quick, name any player in this organization who can be a top two right wing next season after Kyle Okposo who has a prayer to score twenty five goals and please don't tell me Robin Figren, or Kirill Petrov?

For that matter let's stop calling Trent Hunter a top two right wing until he produces as such.

Unfair? Maybe. Mariusz Czerkawski scored thirty with a lot less help. Alexei Yashin had no excuses made for him when he had to play with Kvasha, Weinhandl and did not score enough to satisfy anyone and got anything but a free pass finishing his career with Jason Blake and Chris Simon as his first line that final year.

Love Hunter's game, but no more excuses, this team needs a prime time scorer up front for these kids which is why I wonder why Doug Weight with his five even strength goals should have been resigned.

And it looks like that spot has to be the one Bill Guerin used to occupy on paper.

One of the announcers Sunday was trying to change Tavares position to right wing to play next to Doug Weight, this is why you cannot bring back Weight.
* All I read about Mike Komisarek is he's struggling and headed for free agency, last time I read this much about a player like that his name was Wade Redden. This is
not Mark Streit who came off a very good year in Montreal offensively.

* I know what Chris Higgins did for the Canadians but this year he's a left wing with less goals than Richard Park. Do you want to move Tambellini, Comeau or Bergenheim to bring in another left winger in Higgins just because he's from Long Island?

For those wondering Jesse Joensuu who could well make next year's team is a left wing.
* I strongly suggest those who want pics of Andy Hilbert in an Islander uniform this Sunday was last chance, tell me where he fits unless it's as a fourth line center with Nate Thompson cut? Could be wrong but I think the numbers suggest I'm right which is tough because he gives everything he has, but on this team he just cannot score enough.

Tomas Pock for all the mistakes he made early did a lot better than anyone will give him credit for once he settled in. I just don't see a spot.

Andy Sutton came into this season reportedly in great shape and still lived up to his reputation of getting hurt, where do you go from here with someone who cannot stay healthy over 82 games?

I'm almost stunned Brendan Witt after three knee injuries out of nowhere was able to remain healthy the rest of the way.
* As for the goaltending don't get down on MacDonald or Danis, they both had a long tough year and despite both looking like they ran out of gas late both proved they can start at this level for a good stretch of games. Not sure what the Isles will do here because MacDonald was picked over Dubielewicz and Danis to start the season and last week Danis was put out for three straight games and even back to back the last weekend.

Obviously management is looking long and hard because with Lawson and Mannino signed this is likely a one or the other game unless DiPietro's future is in doubt.
* You have to wonder if Scott Gordon will want changes behind a bench he inherited when this season ends. His former assistant Rob Murray in Providence did a good job this season, I'm not sure the Bruins will give him permission to leave to be an NHL assistant, they apparently did not give the Isles permission after allowing Scott Gordon to go.

I would guess the assistant coaches from Ted Nolan's staff's contracts are up because Nolan's is up on 7/1.

Nothing that went wrong on the ice from what I saw should go on the assistant coaches, it will all depend on the chemistry between Gordon and how they work together.
* It's never as personal as it's made out to be most of the time. Scott Gordon, the Pens staff and Bill Guerin were all very classy at the end Thursday.

Who can blame Guerin for wanting to win and being frustrated this season? If you are a player/coach and not frustrated with losing you are in the wrong business.
* Always nice to not know down to the bitter end the New York Islanders make fans from inside the city limits feel like they root for the wrong team and slap that Long Island label on everything they can with Richard Park's little speech Sunday.

Sure does wonders for a fan base that needs every fan from all over the tri-state area and the city newspaper coverage tuning out.

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Referendum on Garth Snow and a Flash Back

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/12/2009 10:00:00 PM | | Comment Here
Deja Vu All Over Again?

A little flash back to Islanders-Sound Tigers and our mailing list archives.

Isles finish 30th losing to Boston the final day of the season with a lottery two days away.

Mike Milbury lost this lottery where he reportedly was all set to take Ilya Kovalchuck and the rest is history.

This summer will be a referendum for General Manger Garth Snow and it a lot of ways his crossroads as general manager.

Thought we would flash back to 4/8/2001 with a few news articles. Isles have more prospects now but had some very good players then also out of the draft.
At Last, It's Over
Loss to Bruins ends last-place Isles' dismal season
by Alan Hahn
Staff Correspondent

BRUINS 4 ISLANDERS 2 Boston-The season last night ended at a
crossroads for two Islanders at opposite ends of their careers.
Veteran defenseman Garry Galley spent most of his time during the pre-
game warmup taking in the atmosphere of what might have been his
final NHL game. Rookie goalie Rick DiPietro spent his time afterward
addressing his immediate future and burning for the chance to prove
that he is indeed ready for the big leagues.

In between, the Islanders closed their terribly disappointing season
with a 4-2 loss to the Bruins before 17,565 fans at the FleetCenter.

When it was over, Galley stayed on the ice and posed for a photo with
his son, Wyatt, who was allowed to stay on the bench for the entire
game to watch his dad.

"Having him here was special for me," said Galley, 37, who has played
17 seasons in the NHL. Galley wouldn't officially say he planned to
retire, but it certainly weighed on his mind. He has a team option
year left on his contract.

Galley said he plans to talk to general manager Mike Milbury about
his future in the next few days.

"We'll see what the future brings," said Galley, who scored his 600th
NHL point with an assist Wednesday against Toronto. "If it's in the
cards for me to continue to move on, and everything plays itself out
right, then it will be great. It'll be a blessing for me. But if it
doesn't, I'll be able to say I finished it the right way." The finish
was spectacular. Galley made two saves-yes, saves-while protecting an
empty net in the game's final seconds. The first stop came against
Joe Thornton, who was going for a hat trick. Galley poked the puck
and blocked the shot on one knee. As the final seconds ticked down,
Galley put his body in front of an attempt by P.J. Axelsson.

"I looked up and he was laughing at me," Galley said of Axelsson, who
took a little off his shot in a show of sportsmanship. "He could have
just teed it up," Galley added. "He didn't and I thank him for that.
I'm sure if this was a regular game, he would have." The game was
hardly regular. The first period was over within 25 minutes real time
and the entire game was completed in two hours and two minutes. Most
of the play stoppages occurred because of goals. Two penalties (one
on each team) were called. Just 26 hits were registered by both teams

The Bruins, who were eliminated from playoff contention Friday night,
took a 3-0 lead in the second period as DiPietro (3-15-1 in 19
appearances this season) was let down by an apathetic defensive

The 19-year-old, who is from nearby Winthrop, Mass., and starred at
Boston University last season, made his hometown debut and had 23
saves. It wasn't one for the scrapbook, but there will be plenty of
time to make up for it.

"Hopefully," he said, "I'll play a lot more games in this building."
It might not come again, however, for another season or two. This
summer the Islanders will need to consider many options to improve
the team, and that might include getting more experience in goal and
allowing DiPietro to develop in the minors. DiPietro, the team's No.
1 overall pick last year, is well aware of his situation.

"This year was a great year for me to come in and get some
experience," he said, "but next year it's going to be all business.
Start with a clean slate and, you know, they're going to be trying to
make the playoffs. So it's going to be tough to get that job. But I'm
going to go into the summer, I'm going to do my best to come into
camp in shape and be mentally and physically ready to go." Notes &
Quotes: Interim coach Lorne Henning finished with a 4-11-2 record
after taking over for the fired Butch Goring March 5. "The guys
worked hard for me," Henning said. "Every day you read about another
coach [candidate] in the paper, so the guys could have basically quit
on me. But they played hard and that's all you can ask." MINUS: The
loss clinched the worst record since the Islanders' inaugural 1972-73
season, when they went 12-60-6. Also, for the first time in team
history, an Islander failed to record a hat trick in a season.

PLUS: Let the Jason Spezza-Ilya Kovalchuk debate begin. The NHL will
do its draft lottery drawing Tuesday. With a last-place overall
finish, the Isles have the best chance (25 percent) to win the first
overall pick. If they don't, they're guaranteed the No. 2 position.
April 8, 2001

Isles Lose to End Season to Forget


Another disappointing Islanders season ended last night, with a 4-2
loss to the Bruins in Boston. Dave Scatchard, the team's feisty
center, said he planned to go home to Alberta and ignore the Stanley
Cup playoffs for the fifth consecutive spring. To watch the games on
television would be torture, he said.

"I know I don't want this to be happening at this time next year," he

Right wing Mark Parrish said, "Hopefully, this year is a one-hit

Parrish has been around for only a year. The Islanders' four Stanley
Cup banners hang in the rafters at the Nassau Coliseum as if they
were won by another franchise.

The Islanders (21-51-7-3) finished with the worst record in the
National Hockey League and missed the playoffs for the seventh
straight year. They finished with 52 points, their lowest total since
1996. They lost 17 games by one goal.

They were shut out 10 times and scored one goal 19 times. Their
record in those 29 games was 0-27-2.

They had a winning record in only one month of the season, October.
The loss last night, in which Joe Thornton scored twice and Byron
Dafoe stopped 29 shots for the Bruins, was the seventh in nine games
for the Islanders.

While General Manager Mike Milbury has refused to comment on any
aspect of his search for a new coach, something happened to the
Islanders in the month since Butch Goring was fired. Although they
won about the same percentage of games, the Islanders played harder
and smarter under Lorne Henning, the interim coach.

"You don't like to lose," Henning said, "but they've been in every
game. They're battling, and they're having some fun."

The Islanders have not necessarily felt as if they were auditioning
for a new coach.

"We don't know who we are auditioning for," Parrish said.

But Milbury's decision to replace Goring gave the Islanders the
feeling they were starting over.

"I think if we would have played with this edge and focus all year,
things would have been a lot different," Scatchard said. "At least
now you can see the light at the end of the tunnel."

The Islanders have a painfully young nucleus, beginning with Rick
DiPietro, their 19-year-old goaltender.

Nine of the 20 players who dressed for Friday's 4-3 loss to Ottawa
were 25 or younger, and three of them — DiPietro, left wing Taylor
Pyatt and center Tim Connolly — are not yet 20. Their biggest need,
as identified by Milbury, is a veteran who can score. He knows it
will not be easy to lure such a player to the Siberia of the N.H.L.

"There's a lot of talent there," said Chris Terreri, the veteran
goaltender who was acquired late in the season from the
Devils. "Maybe they've just got to balance it a little more with
veterans. But they work hard every night, and the attitude's been

Milbury has interviewed at least five coaching candidates — Jim
Schoenfeld, Robbie Ftorek, Bryan Murray, Ted Nolan and Kevin
Constantine. He would like to hire a coach by the June draft, but he
does not want to be held to that, either.

"There's talent there," Milbury said two weeks ago of his
players. "But is there enough character?"

Apparently there is a lot more character than Milbury or anyone else
thought. Henning, an assistant and friend of Goring's, told the team
to play with more passion, and the team responded.

The Islanders were not shut out in Henning's 17-game tenure. In
Friday's loss to Ottawa, the Islanders overcame deficits of 2-0 and 3-
1 before losing on a goal in the third period.

Last night, Boston jumped to a 3-0 lead in the second period, but
Roman Hamrlik and Connolly scored for the Islanders to make it 3-2
with 11 minutes 10 seconds remaining.

The Islanders won only one of 45 games in which they trailed after
two periods.

"Maybe we finally realized that we have to work hard every second
we're on the ice," right wing Mariusz Czerkawski said.

Charles Wang, the Islanders' co- owner, has said that Henning, who
has been with the organization for 22 years, will probably be offered
a job in the organization. At least Henning has discovered there is a
pilot light. At least this team feels as if it has a future.

"Hopefully, we can carry it over, that passion," Czerkawski said.
Struck by Lightning

Nov. defeat set stage for Isles' misery

by Alan Hahn
Staff Writer

One mere bounce of the puck is what derailed the Islanders' season
five months ago.
It was Nov. 3 at Tampa Bay and the Islanders were rolling, riding a
six-game unbeaten streak, on the verge of taking over first place in
the Atlantic Division.

Leading Tampa Bay 3-2 with less than a minute to play and the
Lightning net empty, Brad Isbister charged toward a loose puck and
was about to seal the deal before Vincent Lecavalier made a desperate
lunge for Isbister and pulled him down, drawing a holding penalty.

The Islanders were still in business: 33 seconds left, on the power
play and with the faceoff in the offensive zone. Isbister even won
the draw. The game should have been over.


Isbister dropped it to the point, where Kenny Jonsson retreated into
the neutral zone to control the wobbling puck. But it skipped over
his stick and a hustling Mike Johnson rushed at Jonsson and tipped it
away. He blew by a startled Jonsson, broke in alone and beat goalie
John Vanbiesbrouck to tie it at 3 with 25 seconds left.

It shouldn't have been a fatal blow. The Islanders that night and any
night were a better team than Tampa Bay. But the Islanders seemed to
fold, as if doubled over by one misfortune.

In overtime, when they had the chance to get the win they deserved,
further catastrophe awaited. With Tampa Bay rushing up the ice,
former coach Butch Goring inexplicably held back Mariusz Czerkawski
as he was halfway over the boards for a change and tapped Mark
Parrish to take his place. Parrish was too late as Craig Millar
completed the rush by scoring the game-winner with the Islanders
outmanned in their own end.

It was a nightmare that played over and over in the heads of many of
the players for a long time. And it was no coincidence that after
that game, the Islanders lost 48 of 72 games. They went from having
their best October (4-3-2) since 1992-93 to their worst season (21-51-
7-3) since 1972-73.

Here are the main reasons why:

1. Coaching. Mike Milbury made perhaps the biggest blunder of his
tenure as GM by not making a coaching change earlier in the season.
The truth -- Goring's own admission after he was fired that he never
had the team -- came out way too late.

2. Lack of leadership. The team was without a captain after Jonsson
relinquished the "C" in November. The team downplayed it all season,
but there is a reason why this sport designates a captain. It is a
crucial position.

3. Injuries. All but one member (Zdeno Chara) of the revamped defense
was felled for an extended period of time because of an injury. Free-
agent acquisition Kevin Haller missed 62 games. Offensively, Isbister
missed 31 games because of various injuries. All told, the Islanders
recorded 362 man-games lost, which was the fourth-highest total in
the league.

4. Goaltending. Neither veteran Vanbiesbrouck nor rookie Rick
DiPietro could do what the Islanders desperately needed him to do,
and that was steal games. Both also fell well short of what erstwhile
Islander Roberto Luongo would have been, at least for the short term,
had he not been traded last summer.

5. Centers. Without a true No. 1 center, the offense struggled
mightily, especially early in the season. Tim Connolly, 19, and Oleg
Kvasha, 22, both failed to meet unreasonably high expectations.

Milbury stated the obvious last week when he said the team needed a
culture change. The Islanders have been losers for so many years,
there is an expectation and acceptance of mediocrity. Using the
words "building" and "growing" and "developing" when describing a
team generally allows that attitude to linger.

But too many nights this season, the team seemed content with simply
competing in games and almost wanted credit for it. What it failed to
realize was that competing was something that was expected of them.

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Islander News Articles 4/13

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/12/2009 08:16:00 PM | | | | | | | Comment Here
: Greg Logan's game recap includes Richard Park's comments to the crowd, head coach Scott Gordon on the second half and Rick DiPietro among several things and Josh Bailey.

Mr Logan added to his article late Sunday writing goaltender Rick DiPietro recently was seen on crutches at the physical therapy facility where several Islanders do their rehabilitation. No explanation was immediately available from the Islanders, who previously released a statement saying he will be ready for training camp in September.

Boston Globe & Boston Herald: Recaps the Bruins 6-2 win over New York Sunday.

NY Post: Dan Martin's game coverage has comments from Doug Weight and Josh Bailey.

A complete no show from the Daily News again while the Times had money to send a writer to Philadelphia for a meaningless Ranger game after not covering some road or home games.

Point Blank/Mr Botta: Recaps the Islanders season ending loss to Boston and does an excellent job pointing out how this team finished the season is inexcusable in his view.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Reading some of the spin from Scott Gordon about practice time or lack thereof for me just does not cut it because all teams have the same issues. This team in April looked painfully bad at time and even got back Streit, Okposo and Bergenheim and it did not raise their collective play one bit.

Was the goaltending as good? No, but the teams play in front of the goalies was lacking for a lot of young players and some veterans fighting for jobs while teams like Atlanta played hard every night for John Anderson. Earlier Sunday released the schedule for the opening round of the AHL playoffs for Bridgeport.
Game 1 – Fri., Apr. 17 – W-B/Scranton vs. Bridgeport, 7:30 (U)
Game 2 – Sat., Apr. 18 – W-B/Scranton vs. Bridgeport, 7:00 (U)
Game 3 – Sun., Apr. 19 – Bridgeport at W-B/Scranton, 5:05
Game 4 – Wed., Apr. 22 – W-B/Scranton at Bridgeport, 7:00
*Game 5 – Fri., Apr. 24 – Bridgeport at W-B/Scranton, 7:05
*Game 6 – Sat., Apr. 25 – Bridgeport at W-B/Scranton, 7:05
*Game 7 – Sun., Apr. 26 – W-B/Scranton at Bridgeport, TBA

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Boston 6, New York 2

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/12/2009 05:42:00 PM | Comment Here
Associated Press: Recap's 6-2 loss
to the Boston Bruins in Sunday's season finale.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Is Scott Gordon going to keep taking about how much better the second half has been when his team goes 2-9-1 to close the season with more than a few games not on the competitive side?

It does not cancel out the thirty two games lost by one goal or an open net goal or how competitive the club was playing or all the injuries but this season did not close out well at all.

Someone's going to have to explain to me why Yann Danis is playing back to back here unless Joey MacDonald is hurt?

MacDonald has been back for weeks, his late Coliseum start? March 7th against the Devils in the best game of the season for New York. Every home game since has been Yann Danis regardless of circumstances.

Joey MacDonald for what's it worth is also a former Bruin.

Today's start made absolutely no sense and I wrote this part at the start of the game so it would not have mattered to me if Danis had a fifty save shutout, what would have happened today that management needs to know about Yann Danis at this point regardless how any goalie plays?

Obviously MacDonald on the fifth goal was terrible, but that's not my point here or today's scoreboard.

As for the game Boston skated like a team annoyed about their Saturday loss even with a lot of scratches while (Isles started their regulars) but the mistakes from the Isles and strong play by Boston were noticeable. Martinek got caught on the opening goal, a big rebound and Gervais was beat on the rebound for the 2-0 goal. I liked the pass in the first to Okposo in his wheelhouse with the powerplay which Tomas stopped. I'm not sure if the puck hit the official on Boston's third goal.

Bergenheim a very good setup on the powerplay where Weight feed him low and instead of shootout wheeled and tried to find a forward for an open net.

Richard Park no fault on him, he lifted the shot Thomas robbed him. Tim Jackman breakaway, no shot.

An even strength for Doug Weight, did not happen nearly enough.

What's an Islander game without one of their goalie's absorbing heavy contact with no call against.

Claude Julien's team came in here off a 6-1 loss and with a lot of scratches dominated and did not even have to work very hard themselves. Scott Gordon's team made a statement of it's own and it was not a very good one at all.

Kind of loss and effort if I own the team makes me question my coach and general manager.

Nothing like Msg+2/Time Warner cutting the coverage before the team leaves the ice or the coaches final press conference.

End of a very long and tough season for the New York Islanders and our fans.

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Boston at New York 5pm Msg+2: Happy Easter

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/12/2009 03:05:00 PM | Comment Here
Broadcast Newsroom: Mike Reynolds writes MSG Plus because of hiding Islander coverage or moving games to Msg+2 as they will today sustained the biggest ratings hit of any RSN with hockey, dropping 21% to a league-low 0.19 average, albeit in the nation's largest DMA.

Note-The Knicks pulled a 0.20 when rare games were placed on their Msg2 service. Reports Trevor Smith was recalled for today's season finale.

04/11/2009 BOS 1 @ BUF 6
04/09/2009 MTL 4 @ BOS 5
04/07/2009 BOS 2 @ OTT 3
04/04/2009 NYR 0 @ BOS 1
04/02/2009 OTT 1 @ BOS 2

Updated Player Pos Injury Expected Return
04/11/09 P.J. Axelsson LW Undisclosed Questionable for April 12 at N.Y.
04/08/09 Andrew Ference D Undisclosed Out for the season
04/11/09 Phil Kessel RW Flu Questionable for April 12
01/10/09 Marco Sturm LW Knee IR. Out for the season

Boston Globe: Fluto Shinzawa reports Zdeno Chara and P.J. Axelsson were the only Bruins skating this morning under the watch of assistant coach Doug Houda but both there indicates that neither will play today despite not being limited.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
No big writeup today, sorry for the later preview. The Final Game of the season and the final Islander game ever for NYIFC.


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Bridgeport 3, Lowell 1...Second Place Finish

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/11/2009 08:12:00 PM | Comment Here Recaps Bridgeport's 3-1 win against Lowell Saturday in their regular season finale.

Bridgeport will play WBS Pens as the second place winner in the opening round of the Calder Cup playoffs because Norfolk defeated WBS Pens 4-3 on Saturday in regulation.

Hershey clinched the division title with a 3-2 regulation win at home against Philadelphia but will be the four seed and play the Bears in the opening round.

1. LOW Gionta, (2) (Bergfors, Pender), 4:55
1. BRI Walter, (20) (Sim, Kohn), 11:53
1. BRI Iggulden, (24) (Smith, Kohn), 14:03
3. BRI Iggulden, (25) (Hennigar, Smith), 8:15

Bridgeport controls the tie-breaker against WBS winning the season series.
Hershey controls the tie-breaker with Bridgeport who won the season series 4-2 giving them the division regardless of what happens Sunday.

Updated Standings:
East Division GP W L OT SO PTS
1 x Hershey 79 49 22 2 6 106
2 x Bridgeport 80 49 23 3 5 106
3 x WBS Pens 79 48 25 3 3 102
Sunday game:
WBS Pens at Hershey (meaningless game now in terms of standings)

Aside from goaltender Kevin Poulin backing up Peter Mannino and Ryan Duncan in the lineup, no prospects dressed for this game with Max Gratchev, Robin Figren also sitting out.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio's game coverage and blog entries here.

Lowell Sun: Covers the New Jersey Devils affiliate.

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Islander News Articles 4/12

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/11/2009 07:05:00 PM | | | | | | Comment Here
Will fill in a few things later or Sunday on the Isles in this entry, will give the Sound Tigers their own blog entries with a link to Frozen Four.

Newsday: Greg Logan's game recap of the Islanders 3-2 loss to Philadelphia begins with defenseman Mark Streit's comments he feels his team needs a goal scorer as he felt the defense and the return of Rick DiPietro would be good enough on the backline. Sean Bergenheim discussed what a player like John Tavares or Victor Hedman would do for this team and felt his line could have had a few more goals today.

Head coach Scott Gordon felt his special teams have struggled the last ten games.

Newsday: Mr Logan had features on Josh Bailey and Kyle Okposo on how he felt in his return as he was asked about playing at the World Championships here.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
ITV Has the full Scott Gordon press conference so you have the exchange with Mr Logan and the media on hand.

Newsday: Mr Logan in the Islanders Newsday blog around gametime bloged on an early season issue with Doug Weight-Bill Guerin and the beatwriter in an article where Weight was awarded the good-guy award from the local chapter of the Writers before Saturday's game for his cooperation with the media on a team Mr Logan felt has a lot of what he wrote were " good guys " in terms of being accessible.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
I find it interesting Mr Logan feels hockey is a sport which the athletes understand their responsibility to promote the game, their franchise and the importance of the media as a connection to the interests of the fans, but the writer himself only did the bare minimum vs his Newsday counterpart in the only paper that covered the Islanders full-time.

That alone mandates far more coverage for all these " good guys " who need to connect to our fans to get people to come to games and promote New York Islander Hockey.

We did not read nearly enough from our beatwriter unless it was about un-named sources complaining about the coach or the Newsday staff that went after the Islanders like no other club in this league that decided to go by the NHL injury policy. When it came time to question Rick DiPietro's health, Mr Logan was all over it but when he started the ASG, he was nowhere to be found.

I don't want to play the role of " bad guy " here and it would be very easy for me to ignore these things but someone has to write this because it has caused damage beyond the on-ice results and hurts the teams exposure and ability to promote itself.

In a few days, I no longer will be writing about it so I hope a few fans see it and ask the same tough but very fair questions moving forward. Mr Logan does not control the print space the editor provides but where Steve Zipay had extra blog entries after games with players quotes and additional information, as Mr Fornabaio does the same for Bridgeport I rarely saw this for the Islanders all season aside from the recent game in Carolina where he did a late night blog with more quotes.

NY Post: Dan Martin's game coverage.

Cherry Hill Courier Post: Chuck Gormley's coverage of the Flyers win Saturday.

Philadelphia Inq/Daily News: Combined Flyer coverage.

Delaware County Times: Also has Flyer coverage.

Associated Press: Reported Boston lost 6-1 to Buffalo on Saturday so they will not win the President's Trophy, finishing second to San Jose but after such a loss will likely want to finish strong heading into the playoffs.

Associated Press: Report the Detroit Red Wings have resigned forward Johan Franzen to an 11-year, $43.5 million deal Saturday, which averages $3.95 million per season for the twenty nine year old.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Funny how the Wings keeps copying Charles Wang with longer term signings but virtually no criticism to keep their core together.

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Philadelphia 3, New York 2

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/11/2009 04:48:00 PM | Comment Here
Associated Press: Recaps Philadelphia's 3-2 win over New York on Saturday.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
A tale of two teams, one with a lot of young players surrounded by veterans who can all score, the other with a lot of young players developing with a few veterans who are not skilled finishers.

Game is on the line, final minute, timeout goalie pulled, here comes Park, Weight.

That's not why the Islanders lost today but call it what it is, one team has all those skilled twenty-thirty goal finishers and eventually they are going to make a few plays that will give them some momentum. The Islanders despite the very strong start where if they had the skilled finishers Philadelphia had it may have been 4-0 at the end of the first but at this time they don't.

Islanders put up a good effort today, they did look like a better team with Okposo in the lineup, they looked less skilled offensively without Joensuu and Igglden.

Isles early transition was excellent and they outskated the Flyers which led to Weight's pass to Bergenheim, without a few good saves by Biron Isles could have had a few more.

Second period Flyers drew a few powerplays, their skilled players finally got their shot where they need them which led to two powerplay goals even if the Knuble goal was more a play where Danis should have gotten a whistle.

Jackman got a goal off a broken play but that's not a goal a team builds off of, the Flyers came busting through the middle, made a skilled play and a shot the Islander collective lineup lacks made it 3-2 which was the story of this day and a tale of two teams.

Gervais surprisingly got beat inside twice for two goals.

Danis made a huge save in the third, he did not get the call on Knuble's goal, could he have saved the goals the Flyers scored, tough to say but if you wonder it's a fair question to ask.

Okposo did not look bad, being in the lineup does raise the teams skill level and coincidence or not they had a little more jump when he was on the ice and his backcheck was visible.

One more game tomorrow, by the time the game starts we will see if Boston could still have a chance to play for the President's Trophy.

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Philadelphia at New York 2pm Msg+

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/11/2009 10:00:00 AM | Comment Here
Flyers website: Has the latest on their team in preparation for their game against New York on Saturday which includes the return of Ryan Parent.

Philadelphia Inq/Daily News": Has the latest on the Philadelphia Flyers.

04/07/09 Riley Cote LW Finger Out for the season
04/09/09 Ryan Parent D Lower body Questionable for April 11
On the Islander side we'll see who gets back in the lineup or who is called between Okposo, Hilbert vs whoever has the flu or is banged up.

One thing for sure is the goaltending has to be at a higher level over sixty minutes regardless who starts than it's been since Saturday and being outscored 15-1 is not going to get it done.

Isles would have lost against Pittsburgh anyway and some of those goals were about defensive breakdowns but I did not like how MacDonald reacted on three goals (mostly late when the game was 4-1) and the floating shot that beat him.

Islanders lost 4-3 a week ago to Philadelphia, the idea the Isles cannot compete with the Flyers given the season series and how close the games have been leaves them no excuses as a team not to go out and put up their best game here whether it's good enough to win or not.

For Scott Gordon it's time to let Tambellini or Bergenheim see some time on whatever first powerplay unit he has and if Okposo does dress Doug Weight should not be his man on left point with Mark Streit now.

At least all the fans can root for a win now. I want to see this group give the fans something to take into the summer with the effort we saw most of the second half.

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Islander News Articles 4/11: Bridgeport wins Friday

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/10/2009 06:02:00 PM | | | | | | | Comment Here
The pregame will post at 10am Saturday with no additional blog entries scheduled at this time before the post game.

NYIFC will be in Third-Jersey mode for the entire weekend with the rarely used Dynasty Header on display.

Newsday: John Jeansonne covered Friday's practice where head coach Scott Gordon talked about the differences between the first and second half along with all the injuries and what he's looking for from the Islanders first round pick in this summers draft.

Point Blank/Mr Botta: Friday afternoon among several items reported Kyle Okposo did participate in a full practice and that head coach Scott Gordon said he would meet with the team’s medical staff before deciding whether Okposo would play in either or both home games this weekend to finish the season. Andy Hilbert will likely return to the lineup against Philadelphia.

Associated Press: Has a preview of Saturday's game against Philadelphia where the Flyers have a lot at stake entering this game. Oulets: Reports BU defenseman Matt Gilroy is the Hobey Baker Award winner with his comments heading into Saturday's NCAA Frozen Final against Miami.

Newsday: Mark Macyk has comments from Matt Gilroy's family on him winning the Hobey Baker and what's ahead for him after a great college career.

NYI Fan Central Comments:

Islander prospect Corey Trivino also plays for Boston University as their third line center here. Has the Recap of Bridgeport's 4-3 win against Springfield Friday night at Harbor Yard.

Nate Lawson started in net and missed an empty net goal at the end in the final minute.

Ryan Stone sure loves playing against Bridgeport or the Isles, no matter what organization he plays for as he did his 2006 playoff imitation.

Anyone notice Jon Sim with thirteen goals has one less goal for Bridgeport than all the players tied for second on the Isles with fourteen goals?

1. BRI Haley, (5) (Hennigar), 3:22
1. SPR Potulny, (36) (Stone, Eberle), 17:08
2. BRI Sim, (13) (Lee, Iggulden), 0:56 (PP)
2. BRI Lessard, (13) (Joensuu, Walter), 1:35
2. SPR Willis, (5) (Linglet, Stone), 5:15 (PP)
2. BRI Joensuu, (20) (Callahan), 14:56
2. SPR Potulny, (37) (Stone), 18:33 (SH)

Ryan Duncan made his debut for Bridgeport. Jesse Joensuu, Mike Iggulden played for Bridgeport.

None of the recent signings from Sarnia played nor did Max Gratchev or Robin Figren.

Former Islander draft pick Ryan O'Marra played for Springfield.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio's game coverage and blog entries here on Bridgeport's 4-3 win against Springfield Friday features head coach Jack Capuano and Jesse Joensuu on the game and what place the team finishes in means.

Ct Post: Mr Fornabaio's game preview for Saturday against Lowell is already available.

Lowell Devils at Bridgeport Sound Tigers
WHEN -- Tonight, 7
WHERE -- Arena at Harbor Yard
ON THE AIR -- Webcast and Internet pay-per-view at
RECORDS THROUGH THURSDAY -- Lowell 34-35-2-7; Bridgeport 47-23-3-5
SEASON SERIES -- Bridgeport leads 4-1

LAST MEETING -- The Devils won 5-3 at home March 29.

Springfield Union News & Sunday Republican: Fran Sypek's game coverage noted a crowd that looked like only a thousand fans despite announced attendance.

Philadelphia defeated Hershey Friday in the old Spectrum's final regular season game ever is in fourth place and would play the division winner in round one.

WBS Pens defeated Albany Friday.

Updated Standings:
East Division GP W L OT SO PTS
1 x Hershey 78 48 22 2 6 104
2 x Bridgeport 79 48 23 3 5 104
3 x WBS Pens 78 48 24 3 3 102
Saturday games:
Lowell at Bridgeport
Norfolk at WBS Pens (Norfolk won big Friday)
Philadelphia at Hershey
Sunday game:
WBS Pens at Hershey

This makes it very tough for Bridgeport because someone (maybe both teams) are going to gain points.

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Happy 25th Anniversary 4/10/84

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/10/2009 02:58:00 PM | Comment Here
I sat right where Morrow shot from in overtime a few rows up.

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Only Suspense Left? Snow & Wang Comments

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/10/2009 02:03:00 PM | | Comment Here
All the suspense went out of this season with the Islanders clinching 30th place last night which leaves one other thing.

What the general manager has to say about his hockey team from the coach to the players and perhaps which he usually does, owner Charles Wang who has been completely silent about the results of his hockey team on the ice.

As a rule Mr Wang does speak about his hockey team around now and did last year. I'm not sure he will this year but it's something to watch for because it's obvious he does watch the games and follows the results on the ice.

General Manager Garth Snow for his part did state of the team addresses just days before the teams free fall began in December and again in January around the all-star
break and did interviews at the trade deadline.

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Newsday Islander Insider

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/10/2009 01:50:00 PM | | | | | | | Comment Here
Newsday: Greg Logan's Friday Islander Insider had a full review of Josh Bailey's first NHL season with summaries on Kyle Okposo, Blake Comeau (where Bill Guerin had some interesting comments about his play) Frans Nielsen and Sean Bergenheim who's World Championship participation is in question because of his groin injury despite returning the last two games.

Head coach Scott Gordon is asked about Joel Rechlicz penalties in the Carolina game and that game itself where Richard Park commented. Bill Guerin also discusses about how tough it was losing this season and felt Mark Streit would be an excellent choice to be named captain.

Other items as well.

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The Final Poll Ever:Select Isles First Round Pick

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/10/2009 10:00:00 AM | Comment Here
We have one more week before closing for good so why not have one final poll at NYIFC.

Islanders will have the majority of the ping pong balls Tuesday but regardless of how they bounce on Tuesday the New York Islanders will select no lower than second.

That means they will have an opportunity come June to select someone between John Tavares and Victor Hedman. On Tuesday we find out of another team beats the odds and get to pick first but for now you decide who you would take.

I did leave an option for other, those who take it step up and give me the name and I will make sure the player is included when the numbers are added.


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Tampa Clinches 29th with Colorado shootout loss

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/10/2009 12:36:00 AM | Comment Here
Colorado gained another point on Thursday losing in a shootout to Dallas here meaning Tampa clinched 29th place and the next best chance at winning Tuesday's lottery.

28 Colorado Avalanche 80 32 44 4 68
29 Tampa Bay Lightning 81 24 39 18 66
First tie-breaker is wins which Colorado wins.

Lottery percentages
TEAM-----% TO GET NO. 1
1 New York 48.1
2 Tampa Bay 18.8
3 Colorado 14.2
4 TBD 10.7
5 TBD 8.1

Teams in fourth and fifth can only move up in NHL final standings but above are the percentages of winning the first overall pick Tuesday.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
What's significant about Tampa finishing 29th is if you subscribe to the theory the Lightning will selected Victor Hedman (a defenseman) after drafting Steven Stamkos last year if they win the lottery and keep the pick.

Some articles out of Tampa suggest this will be the case but that means absolutely nothing until they actually draft him in June if they are in that position after Tuesday.

In theory (only if true about Tampa-Hedman) means Islanders winning a pick to select Tavares based on how the lottery balls bounce just went to 66.9 percent for Tuesday.

In theory anything can happen, including another team beating the odds and taking Tavares or Hedman.

Of course the best result is for the Islanders to control the top pick after Tuesday.

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Islander News Articles 4/10

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/09/2009 10:50:00 PM | | | | | | Comment Here
Newsday: Greg Logan's game recap had comments from head coach Scott Gordon and Richard Park which for now seemed more about the Carolina game than the Pittsburgh loss but did note both the Katic/DiBenedetto signings which were officially announced by the team Thursday.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Shelly Anderson's game coverage of the Pens final home game in the regular season.

Pittsburgh Tribune Review: Rob Rossi's coverage.

Boston Globe: Nancy Marrapese-Burrell has comments from Islander prospect Corey Trivino Thursday before his BU team advanced to the NCAA Championship winning 5-4 against Vermont on Thursday here with boxscore and more coverage here.

The victory moved BU (34-6-4) into Saturday night's national championship game against Miami University (ESPNHD and ESPN360, 7 p.m. ET).

Sault Star: Kevin Barrett reports former Islander head coach Ted Nolan says he is not allowed to contact other teams because of his Islanders contract until 7/1 and is very interested in returning to coaching as he discussed the junior leagues and his former assistant in Moncton coach Danny Flynn.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
I'm pretty sure I read (to lazy to check now) that Nolan was given permission to make a deal with any other NHL club he could. I know on 5/2/08 he told a local paper he guaranteed he would be coaching somewhere next (this) season.

I have little doubt Charles Wang would have let him work for someone this year especially if it meant saving about any part of the 600,000 he would have to pay him.

Newsday: Earlier Thursday reported former Islander captain and long-time broadcaster Ed Westfall is selling his 4.19-acre Lattingtown estate for $1,950,000. Adam Kimelman reports on the NHL scouting combines for the top draft pick that invitations have been sent out to the top players with comments from NHL Central Scouting Director E.J. McGuire on what this entails as they head to Toronto before the draft.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio has comments from Trevor Smith and head coach Jack Capuano on Friday's game against Springfield, the endless tie-breaker and playoff scenario's and what role the recent signings could have this weekend.

Springfield Falcons at Bridgeport Sound Tigers
WHEN -- Tonight, 7
WHERE -- Arena at Harbor Yard
RECORDS -- Springfield 24-42-8-4; Bridgeport 47-23-3-5
SEASON SERIES -- Bridgeport leads 2-1; both teams have a shootout win.

ABOUT THE FALCONS-- Springfield is locked into last place in the Atlantic and is out of the playoffs for the eighth time in nine seasons.....

NYI Fan Central Comments:
It should be noted the clear day roster is the group of players who have to dress first. McLean-Comeau injuries reduce the depth chart to open a spot but everything works off the clear day list.

Max Gratchev has also been playing games for Bridgeport on a tryout contract but does not have to be signed by June 1st as a 2008 draft pick.

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Pittsburgh 6, New York 1

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/09/2009 10:15:00 PM | Comment Here
Associated Press: Has the recap of Pittsburgh's 6-1 over New York on Thursday.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
What would you have me write folks?

30th place and close to six hundred man games lost to injury, makes for a very tough season where we now know the Islanders will have the option to draft someone between John Tavares or Victor Hedman in June.

At least now all the fans can now pull for a few wins this weekend to close the season.

As for tonight, unlike the Carolina game the Islanders did a lot of good things, one of those things they could not do was finish between all the goal posts and unfortunately I have to write what looked like a goaltender in Joey MacDonald who looked worn down from all the shots in the Carolina game combined with again some sloppy defensive coverage in front of him that let even Bill Guerin reach the high slot for what was an easy goal that made it 4-1 before two more got past MacDonald you expect him to make the save on if he were sharp.

This is the first real extended stretch we have seen the goaltending play down to what many expected with two AHL goaltenders, we have been in a lot of ways spoiled by two players who did enough to carry a team into contention and maybe even a playoff spot if they were on another NHL club with scoring support and less pressure.

A lot was said about the flu running through the team and we saw what that produced last year when they lose seven in a row, I don't know but between the losing/sluggish play it's just tough to tell the difference but a few things are off.

On this night the Isles got all the early powerplays and earned them, they stayed out of the box for over fifty one minutes, some of those posts go in it's a different game or maybe Pittsburgh turns it up and the Isles fall apart earlier.

I simply do not get Scott Gordon's concept of coaching at times.

He has two five on three powerplays, he has Sean Bergenheim who scored all those goals before he got hurt off speed and skill on left wing and had some chances in this one, he has Tambellini who is a left wing with that shot who has done a lot of good things who's facing a goalie who rarely starts.

Who's the left wing to start both five on three powerplays on the first unit? Richard Park.

I do not get that.

Bailey and Nielsen were at the center/right wing spot which is fine but why not put Bergenheim out there or Tambellini instead of Park. Why not put Joensuu out there on the first unit or even Iggulden. Almost everything was from the perimeter when they did set up with Park.

I know Bergenheim was on the second unit but why not give him or Tambellini the primary spot? I just don't see it.

For that matter what is Doug Weight doing on the point? Let Hillen or someone else man the left side with Streit. Nielsen had a nice shot for his goal which had to be perfect but if it comes off a broken play and a block off a point shot that's not a good set play for a goal.

We'll see what happens on the weekend. At least no more night time recaps with the two mid-late afternoon games.

Classy stuff from Scott Gordon, Bill Guerin and the Penguins at the end of the game.

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