Dylan Reese Resigns with New York

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/09/2010 09:20:00 PM | Comment Here
Islanders website: Reports defenseman, Dylan Reese resigned a one-year, two way contract for the 2010-11 season, General Manager Garth Snow comments.

NYIFC Comments:
At this time I'm not sure if his age requires clearing waivers to be sent to the AHL.

Usually when we see one transaction like this, we see a few very quickly. We all know the current NHL depth chart on the backline, and now deHaan/Hamonic making comments they want to make the NHL, as they should.

My viewpoint on this is Jack Hillen is still a very young player, Andrew MacDonald enters his first full season, Gervais is not a thirty year old veteran.

You cannot add both deHaan and Hamonic in the same off-season, you also cannot add both next summer. The logical plan should be one prospect per year.

Training Camp is three days of games with split squads, there is only going to be time to put players who will make the club together in terms of preseason games.

And there is 2005, second rounder Dustin Kohn, AHL all-star Mark Katic, plus last summer pick Anton Klementyev among others.

No, you cannot have a roster of kids on the back-line either.

Given how close or over some teams are to the cap, it only seems a matter of when before Garth Snow can add to his roster with his cap space. It should be noted Snow did not claim Nylander (Washington) to simply eat space with no player, as the Washington Post suggested.

It's also very, very early in UFA, seems Kovalchuk situation has slowed the market wherever he ends up.

Having written this Charles Wang's money has been paying Joensuu, Figren, Marcinko and a lot of other prospects signed including Martin, DiBendetto, deHaan, Hamonic, Ullstrom, Koskinen.

I do not see any offer sheet scenario, unless it does not involve a first round pick.

Just to remind everyone there is no law here about resigning one of their own UFA.

Problem is I do believe a trade involving a veteran or two has to happen.

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Day Two Of Camp, Outstanding Words

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/08/2010 07:47:00 PM | Comment Here
Islanders website: Recaps day two of prospect camp with more pictures and video.
This is more of a sidebar topic regarding coverage, but when I read something outstanding I feel obligated to share it with our readers.

Yes, folks, there are individuals (plenty of them) who possess a wonderful talent to express things better than NYIFC.

I believe these words from from CBS.com Senior Sports Producer Jeff Capellini express my thoughts on recent claims of information regarding the New York Islanders far better than I can.

I will also tell you Mr Capellini and I, debated on twitter over hockey coverage in New York a while back, we agreed on little.

Granted his article is centered about LeBron James, and Ilya Kovalchuk, but his talent with words here express things in a way I failed to do, so I wanted to share it and of course credit Mr Capellini.

From now on a source will be known as someone who tells you what you think you need to know, while all the while really doing nothing more than promoting his or her own selfish interests. In their haste to "beat everyone" on these stories reporters have bought the misdirection hook, line and stinker.

That is how I feel about some of the recent items released regarding the New York Islanders, whether they be right or wrong is not the issue, but how they were presented to the public.

I believe it should be for you as well.

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" Source " Games Over At NYIFC

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/07/2010 11:43:00 PM | Comment Here

From this point forward regardless of what is reported, unless the professional media uses actual names of their co-called sources to report news for our fans, it will not be part of information posted in NYIFC blog entries, or in our twitter updates until confirmed by the team/NHL itself.

Simply put NYIFC has higher standards, if you take time to visit this blog you deserve better.

Information based upon sources of professional media, with their speculations/beliefs of what could happen, is not worth our time.

The standard set for the folks here at NYIFC, is to provide credible information regarding the New York Islanders from professional media. From day one the policy here has always been to be dead last and a hundred percent correct with information.

As to the opinion of professional media, who speculate, using sources?

Thank You, however no Thank You, we'll wait for official confirmation, or please do a better job, and provide us a direct quote confirming information.

I personally do not believe that is a hard thing to do when you are already interviewing someone. No law against asking a question, getting a no comment, and writing someone had no comment when asked.

In far more important news, Islander training camp officially opened on 7/7, a special section was opened here linking to the Islanders website that is providing running updates of camp. Head Coach Scott Gordon was on ice, a group of prospects were on ice, another group was off.

Owner Charles Wang, General Manager, Garth Snow watched from the stands.

ITV.com: Has head coach Scott Gordon, on day one of camp.

Saturday's prospect game will be covered live on ITV for those interested in watching.

Washington Post: Tarik El-Bashir, reports Washington placed center Michael Nylander on waivers in the hopes that another team is interested in taking him off the Capitals' payroll, and it could be a viable option for a franchise that needs to reach the salary cap floor to claim him because Nylander's cap hit next season ($4.875 million) is more than his salary. ($3 million)

NYIFC Comments:
To the best my knowledge, Nylander played in the SEL after leaving AHL. Caps did have to pay his salary while in AHL, but I'm not sure if they had to pay him when he went to Europe. I'm not completely sure if Islanders would have to pay him if they actually did put in a claim. Given the current roster and likely signing Doug Weight, it's hard to envision him actually coming here to play hockey.

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Next Up for New York?

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/07/2010 09:23:00 AM | Comment Here
What's next for New York is prospect camp begins, as no doubt the general manager continues to contact agents (Kovalchuk) or someone else, to improve his hockey team.

Despite my countless blog entries last season on the Islanders extended scoring struggles, it does have to be noted, even with all the injury problems that landed them in the lower/middle of the pack
(a vast improvement on the previous two years) even with all the inexperience, they did score the exact same two hundred twenty two goals the Devils did last season, who won the Atlantic division.

They also outscored a lot of playoff teams, with far more veterans, and went undefeated vs Detroit, Chicago and Vancouver.

In terms of 2010-11, those writing they are not ready and it will take a few more years, should take a good look at the final standings, how competitive they were against the top team in the division/western conference.

It took a very poor stretch before the trade deadline, and the last few weeks to finish nine points out, in between they made a run that almost put them back in the race.

Every year is different, and 09-10 likely was as mediocre as the East is going to be in terms of final point totals. I'm not writing the 2010-11 New York Islanders will win the Stanley Cup, but there is also no reason they cannot make the exact same run as mediocre eighty eight point Philadelphia did to the finals next year, if things fall into place.

Of course you can write that about all fifteen teams in the East.

As for Ilya Kovalchuk as the waiting goes on:
It has been a very poor show by the media across the board.

Claims via sources of what teams "could" offer with dollars/term by professional media like Darren Dreger? Claims of deals, "almost finalized", by others out of sportsnet?

Incorrect reports of signing out of the NY Post by Mark Everson, who's work will never be mistaken with that of someone who is enthusiastic about the New Jersey Devils. Headlines of signings pulled (without explanation) to go with Larry Brooks Islander contradictions from 1/14/2010 to 7/4 about what signing Kovalchuk would have meant to New York?

Katie Strang claiming the Islanders were not signing Kovalchuk on Monday, to date she has still not even gotten a direct quote confirming this from the general manager in her article? That on top of still not getting one comment from the gm on Bergenheim or Tambellini not being qualified, from the same paper that told the public a year ago three hours before the draft, they were not selecting John Tavares?

Any wonder thirty goal player Matt Moulson, did not make list of notable
restricted free agents, who filed for arbitration?

Of course Ms Strang is likely correct and has a 29/30 plus KHL factor in her favor, but a quote from the general manger is required, not her beliefs or what it appears to be. Not that tough to do, or simply write the general manager would not confirm where they stood in negotiations.

She needed a quote confirming her beliefs, she still needs a quote on why a player drafted in 2002 with the first pick was not qualified, along with Jeff Tambellini.

NHL.com/Espn-Pierre LeBrun, did not even notice Ms Strang's claims as of 1am on 7/6, despite referencing Hellen Elliot in the LA Times late at night on East Coast, with Kings updates when news broke.

A few as of this entry have still not noticed Ms Strang's article, which says a lot about Newsday's Islander coverage and her current standing/connections to media outlets, that also includes former Ranger beatwriter Arthur Staple, who is never shy about keeping the glass half-empty.

This is why you have to go very careful with sources, that includes the professional media. Sure the general managers/agents are still negotiating, sometimes they are doing it indirectly in these statements.

Of course, a few Islander fans, once again, will blame Islander management for not making negotiations reality television for them, however the gm made his statement's and was not hired to clean up the incorrect/misleading reports or claims by others, not associated with the team.

Overall this was just brutal media work, top to bottom, with no accountability from those making these mistakes to this point.

In terms of Ilya Kovalchuk, good luck to him regardless where he decides to sign whether it be with the New York Islanders or elsewhere. Only one team in the NHL can sign him. If he does sign here there will be a lot more on that if it happens.

Moving forward now that the general manager has showed interest in one veteran scoring forward, this indicates he feels he has to address his veteran scoring.

That means he must continue to work to bring in someone whether it be through UFA or a possible trade, regardless of his roster depth.

A lot of unknowns invited to camp, a few prospects injured, but it will be a fun few days watching the young players.

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No Monday Announcement on Kovalchuk, Moulson to Arbitration

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/05/2010 08:23:00 PM | Comment Here
Condolences to the entire NHL family, on the loss of Bob Probert, who passed away Monday at the age of 45.
Ilya Kovalchuk's agent, Jay Grossman has announced on his twitter page, his clients choices have been narrowed down, details to be finalized but no announcement Monday night.

Mr Grossman, earlier wrote, Ilya Kovalchuk looking to make decision on his future today, meaning 7/5.

NYIFC Comments:
Between the very shoddy NY Post media staff, who did not respect it's readers enough to report they changed a headline of a confirmed signing with New Jersey, and now Mr Grossman's contradictions, it has not been a good day.

Too much misleading or incorrect, information out there across the board on these negotiations.
Matt Moulson apparently will take the club to arbitration, with today the filing deadline, with a hearing date posted on 7/6. As of this time the other Islander RFA, are unknown, but by age perhaps are not eligible yet.

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Questionable Media Dominate New York Islander Hockey Coverage

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/05/2010 01:50:00 AM | Comment Here
The New York Islanders have another problem in signing free agents, it's not just the money, the facility, or the teams lease because most contracts don't run more than five years.

Unless Ed Mangano agrees to let the team move, even walking away from the sub-lease will not free the club before 2015 without Nassau approval.

I will get ahead of myself and submit Ed Mangano and Kate Murray (who could not correctly remember Islanders Stanley Cups) cannot even spell the word Kovalchuk.

If he won the Stanley Cup in 2010-11, scored a hundred goals, and brought the Cup to Nassau and TOH, it would not mean a thing for the LH, those suggesting it would are kidding themselves or have a very short memory.

Our team has a much bigger problem right now, it's an old story, the perception game the media plays, complete with agenda's that influence outside media, potential free agents, and the fans.

This is not really being written in regards to Ilya Kovalchuk, he played here long enough for the Devils, he experienced what will happen already in terms of limited/negative hockey media.

The Devils, at least have the Newark Star-Ledger, some excellent hockey writes, and the team moved to it's mostly, Newark-financed arena.

No US based franchise has the problem that is the New York Islanders media in 2010-11, the coverage even back as an expansion team was far superior.

Virtually nothing positive, going negative as possible at every opportunity, lack of player features, the Long-Island label slapped on everything, which the team itself has badly misplayed through several ownerships that has provided the dwindling Manhattan hockey media a very easy out to save on coverage.

Anyone think the Washington Capitals in Landover for thirty years, were ever referred to as Landover Caps? Or the Detroit Pistons at Palace of Auburn Hills, ever written up as the Auburn Hills Pistons?

It's 34.2 miles from Auburn Hills to Joe Louis Arena in Michigan for those curious.

Think the Detroit Free Press/News is going to slap an Auburn Hills label on Pistons in terms of their perception, if or Wings relocate there and share that building?

Maybe in 80's when 3,000 people were lining up to win a car to attend games, not today, even with Wings playoff attendance issues.

Of course, we all know the comical media and league standards involving the two New Jersey football teams, who shared the same parking lot with the Devils and Nets for decades.

It's a nice little media fan club with absolutely no one on the New York Islanders side, not in Newsday or in the Manhattan papers.

Why would anyone want to come to a media, that will put a negative slant on practically anything because it's not a team that publication needs to sell in a positive light for their financial bottom line?

If a player on the New York Islanders does well then the game becomes, if they played in a different market, we have seen a career of this done to Martin Brodeur.

Meanwhile the same people asking these questions in print, control the game and create the perception in the first place.

This is the journalism landscape (insert free agent) will face here if he does sign.

If someone is up for the MVP or a league award, don't think for a second this is not a huge problem in negotiations because other players can have that bonus put in contract, expecting a fair shake in voting from writers, not here.

I dislike bringing attention even to professional media people with zero credibility in terms of being honest, who will write with virtually no recollection of past articles.

I'm only doing it now to once again demonstrate a clear double-standard/agenda or bias in reporting, whatever you want to call it because this is not honest journalism, and regardless of what team you are a fan of, deserve better.

NY Post: Larry Brooks for his 7/4 column claims maybe Kovalchuk is an attempt by Islanders to get free publicity/good will among the battered fan base, and makes it about the LH which is silly because Wang spend 130m dollars on UFA a decade ago, and was told he could not get a renovation in 2002 from Nassau.

Mr Brooks also writes today:
It would be different, if Kovalchuk goes to the Island, where he's likely to be lost even while commanding the spotlight.

Meanwhile on 1/14 he wrote something entirely different that acquiring Kovalchuk would give the Islanders a huge boost on the ice in their effort to make the playoffs, it would give them a marquee box office attraction and a presence in New York sports they currently do not have.

To write one thing on 1/14, then something entirely different on 7/4 is not credible journalism, it indicates an agenda beyond hockey, or someone doing a brutal job at the very least.

Meanwhile at Newsday we have the only man in North America telling the public to trust Glen Sather, who's paper sells a dump like Msg.

In the end, it's up to you to believe what you read.

I can only write for myself, I do not want positive spin, only fair, reasonable and consistent coverage based on how teams do and players perform.

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