Countdown Begins for 2010-11 New York Islanders

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A little less than a month now until camp opens, so a blog entry with a some speculation.

Seven defenders on one-way contracts without deHaan, Hamonic, Kohn, Reese, Katic, Klementyev, DeHart, among others not included in that mix.

Garth Snow obviously cannot add a defender to Streit, Martinek, MacDonald, Hillen, Wisniewski, Gervais and Jurcina now without some kind of trade or series of injuries.

A healthy Willie Mitchell sounds great to sign if healthy. Who is Garth Snow going to buyout because other teams can read depth charts just like the fans, they are not going to offer anything of value to help Snow clear a spot.

You don't buyout someone with Radek Martinek's talent nor do you give him away for anything but return equal at his best, which is on a level with Kenny Jonsson when he was at his best.

Upfront seems room at best for one forward spot (likely right wing) and no place for Josh Bailey at his natural position without a trade. Obviously Snow needs one veteran scorer, but that answer may not come until he sees how PA Parenteau actually looks vs Nino Niederreiter or Kirill Kabanov/Petrov or other players.

After Moulson last year, count out no one. The answer could come from Justin DiBenedetto, it could come from a journeyman player.

Only the Islanders know when a Doug Weight signing will be official.

My speculation? Expect someone from Joensuu, Figren, Ullstrom, Martin or especially Rhett Rakhshani to make a serious run at a spot. This is the third year of Joensuu, Figren and Marcinko contracts so pressure is on for them to take a step up after time/investment has been made on them.

Rhett Rakhshani is not an eighteen year old player, this is a player in college circles that has gotten great reviews over four years, who stayed in school and is regarded by many to have NHL level ability. It would not shock me at all to see him win a spot in the Islanders lineup out of camp.

Again unless a player comes via trade up front, this could come down to the end of camp if they have to go outside the organization.

One thing the Islanders cannot do is put themselves in a position where they have too many players, teams are not trading/signing many UFA right now, some agents/players no doubt are getting a little anxious. Players all around the NHL general managers cannot give away or waive.

Why is Lee Stempniak still on the market? Because despite his fourteen goals in Phoenix his career numbers do not lie, even if he signed here today.

Raffi Torres? Because despite his nineteen goals last year, he is a career thirty point player on average and 05-06 was a long time ago.

Paul Kariya, Guerin, Satan (insert veteran) these are support players who need others to get them the puck, the exact opposite of what the young players need here.

Are they a better option then Jon Sim if he is on this roster? Absolutely.

All due respect to Sim, but if he makes the Islanders that is simply based on a failure of some young players stepping up to earn a spot. This is the same Jon Sim who had more goals than Trent Hunter and Frans Nielsen last season.

I have no idea if Garth Snow is going to move anyone. If I had to speculate I would believe Martinek, Gervais and Trent Hunter would be those players. Frans Nielsen is absolutely someone who can be moved in the right circumstances. Rob Schremp could be moved, but after waivers a year ago, he still has too much to do at this level to have real return value.

Look at the market and where Freddy Meyer fits the Thrashers depth chart, despite how solid he was for very long stretches here?

In goal, with or without Rick DiPietro (seems going into camp with) they have more than enough goaltending depth.

Either way the countdown begins for the start of 2010-11 for the New York Islanders season.

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Andy Hilbert and Rob Hisey Sign Two-Way Contracts with New York

New York Islander Fan Central | 8/18/2010 05:46:00 PM | | Comment Here

Islanders website Announced the team has come to terms with former Islander Andy Hilbert and center Rob Hisey, to one-year, two-way contracts.

Mass Live: Reported in a January article, Rob Hisey is a twenty five year old center, listed at 5-foot-8 and 170 pounds.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio has comments from Sound Tigers President, Howard Saffan and Head Coach, Jack Capuano on both players.

NYIFC Comments:
Andy Hilbert did play four games with Minnesota last season and no doubt is a good character player or management would not bring him back to their room to be with their prospects. Bottom line is Andy Hilbert as an AHL veteran will help, but as an NHL player does not bring a single element (scoring, size, speed, physical) that the current lineup needs if a callup were necessary.

Hilbert also only played thirty three games for Houston last year, so this was not the same player who was dominating in terms of goal scoring at Providence long ago, although he did have twenty five points.

This begs the question why not bring in someone never seen here before, whether it be Bridgeport or Kalamazoo, with an element the team lacks?

Rob Hisey is not going to do anything for team's size, however as a center has too many players in front of him at that position. Some obvious skills, but has played in the AHL for a handful of games here so some possible potential.

For those needing to see hockey here is video of New York's Nineteenth Straight Playoff Series Clinching Win against Montreal in 1984. I had not seen this before and of course not the New York home broadcast. That is Jacques LeMaire behind the Canadians bench. New York trailed this series 2-0 before taking the next three. It was not a 2-3-2 format unlike the final.

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New York 2010-11 Previews? Taking Out Trash

New York Islander Fan Central | 8/15/2010 02:32:00 PM | Comment Here

Soon, if not already those outlets needing early page views/customers will be throwing out their 2010-11 NHL previews, many of them regardless of where they project the New York Islanders will be completely worthless.

One was so lazy/sloppy from Alan Muir of SI, it did not even include the acquisition of James Wisniewski. What made this worse were his comments are based almost entirely on the lack of quality acquisitions to get fans excited/purchase tickets for next season.

Did he do his Islander update in early July, was it that backdated in the rush to throw out anything about all thirty teams? Is the budget that bad at some of these publications they cannot even included basic acquisitions?

Is the disconnect this bad for some hockey outlets in North American to where they cannot even provide complete information about teams in one paragraph on a subject they are writing about?

If Mr Muir wanted to write James Wisniewski is not a quality acquisition and will struggle that's fair enough, but to not include his name at all is sloppy/lazy.

I will pick and choose the fair/detailed previews for NYIFC from professional media, regardless where they project the 2010-11 New York Islanders.

There may not be too many, but we'll try.

Professional media writers who want to do a preview and claim the Islanders cannot stay healthy, that young players will struggle, the defense will not have good chemistry are very fair questions. Those writing Rick DiPietro is too big a health risk, or wonder about Dwayne Roloson's age, special teams, not enough veteran scoring along with pressure on Scott Gordon to give them a low ranking those are also very fair reasons to put in an Islander preview as to why this team cannot win next season.

Those questions should be raised in every preview.

Having written this if it's about ten year old subjects or things over five years old, or the work is outright poor and poorly researched, it's not worth anyone's time.

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New York Plays The Waiting Game

New York Islander Fan Central | 8/13/2010 05:56:00 PM | Comment Here

Quiet time on the surface for the New York Islanders, but also a waiting game that seems to be a trend around the league.

It's been a very different summer on a lot of levels. The calendar date says 8/13, but in terms of where UFA used to be it would be around 7/13 given the long list of veteran/fringe free agents virtually stuck in limbo with a little more than a month until training camp.

No one is lining up to overpay now that the initial wave of defenders were signed.

The front-loading of contracts combined with salary cap has caught up to the system. It's forced trades, made teams walk away from players in arbitration, and for the Islanders a rare sign & trade helped Garth Snow add a defender.

The landmark arbitration ruling has made Ilya Kovalchuk an UFA again, this changes the CBA landscape in terms of future front-loading until the current CBA expires.

There are a lot of talented players waiting, as many teams are tied up cap-wise or in terms of roster space.

Only Garth Snow knows if he is willing to bring in another forward now, later or not at all, but regardless it seems patience is the best approach. A year ago if the spot designated for Matt Moulson were given to an early veteran signing, there may not have been a spot in camp for him beyond a quick look.

I remember Miroslav Satan working out here for months into last season, how would you feel if the Islanders signed him last September and that landed Moulson in the AHL after a brief look?

I may be the only one but I thought Jeremy Reich before he hurt his wrist was very close to winning a spot.

Do I believe Garth Snow has some trades/signings to make on offense, and especially defense?

Absolutely, however it may take until the end of camp for the right deal or player to become available. What if it turns out Nino Niederreiter or another prospect is the best alternative?

For those worried about the cap floor, spare me.

Brendan Witt could have sat on the Islanders bench like Jeff Tambellini at a three million dollar cap hit, if it were only about reaching the salary floor players like Micheal Nylander, who are cap hits on paper only could have been claimed on waivers last month from Washington.

The only thing this team is limited from doing is offering a big front-loaded contract.
The more I read from Lou Lamoriello after Ilya Kovalchuk's press conference, the more it seemed he knew the league would challenge the contract and win. Bottom line both sides agreed to Richard Bloch as arbitrator, he had a record of being fair in these matters.

Owner Jeff Vanderbeek better find more money, and Lou Lamoriello will have to dump some salary if they want to restructure a contract offer.

As for other current deals, the NHL needed one day to reject Kovalchuk contract, it would be unfair to go after other contracts where players have been signed and paid under their agreement for a year or longer.

What happens from here with Kovalchuk comes down to what the Devils can offer in a shorter term, or if Kovalchuk/Jay Grossman are inflexible and decide to look elsewhere? It would be terrible for the NHL to see him sign with any other team after a press conference was permitted.

Still believe teams have not gravitated spending to the cap as was mentioned six years ago when the CBA was signed? That 39m cap is now at 58.4m, with the floor five million more than the original ceiling.

Given all the 2010 reports of Chicago, Ottawa, New Jersey losing money via their owners or representatives, it may take another lockout because this league cannot be about which billion dollar corporation can write off the most yearly losses.

Generating revenue sounds nice and reads well, however no one is writing or talking about extra finances being spent/overspent to that end.

In short, if you need to spend a hundred million to generate eighty million in return, it's not a business plan that works. Simply writing about x team making y million in revenue is not an accurate picture.
The Bruins rookies coming to Shelton Ct in September to play Islander prospects has been changed here with the two contests being moved to Boston.

Islanders website on 8/13 released the list of projected prospects/invites who will participate, that includes KHL signed player, Kirill Petrov.

NYIFC Comments:

Some unsigned draft picks attending, but most notable Kirill Petrov is projected to be in North America for these games at a point the KHL season is underway.

Updated this because did not take a good look at the list earlier.

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* UPDATED * Bridgeport Four AHL/ECHL Signings

New York Islander Fan Central | 8/05/2010 01:27:00 PM | Comment Here
Bridgeport Sound Tigers: Announced/Updated they have come to terms on one-year, two-way (AHL/ECHL) with defensemen Matt Duffy, Corey Syvret, as well as forwards Justin Taylor and Mike Sellitto.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio's viewpoints on the signings note these are not veteran players, updates the status of who was actually signed vs who was not.

NYIFC Comments:
Sorry folks, nothing I can do if the Sound Tigers send out incorrect releases on players signed. Sellitto was at the teams rookie camp.

Scratch Gabriel O'Connor and Jordan Hill.

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Time Running Out For Kirill Petrov Buyout/Contract With Islanders

New York Islander Fan Central | 8/04/2010 11:22:00 AM | Comment Here
2008 draft pick Kirill Petrov was at prospect camp in July, however unless a deal is worked out very soon between Petrov, his agent and Ak Bars it is unlikely he will be in North America this season with New York or Bridgeport.

In the end Petrov has a signed contract and a guaranteed income, Ak Bars is under no obligation to buy him out, nor are the Islanders obligated to pay a KHL team to release him, and then give him an NHL or AHL contract.

His agent's job is to look out for his client, which may not include walking away from a binding agreement. No doubt Petrov and his agent also have taken a good look at the roster depth on the Islanders, and his realistic chances at winning an opening night roster spot.

Ak Bars owns his rights, like any NHL player under contract they could easily trade him to another KHL club, or demote him to their junior club as their did earlier last season when he was sent to Neftyanik Almetievsk.

Of course, we have no idea if Petrov is paid less in Russian juniors, as many North American players are when sent to the AHL.

There are also a lot of signed prospects in Bridgeport under contract who have played every game of their agreement in the Islanders system, those player agents will be looking closely at any possible negotiations.

Petrov has played only fourteen regular season games the last two years for Ak Bars here, he was sent down to the development team for a short time before the WJC a year ago where he played seven games.

Some folks may recall when Robin Figren signed, the agreement was he would play the first year of his Islander contract in the SEL, before coming to North America last season. It was never announced (to my knowledge) if the Islanders or his SEL team paid his salary for year one of that contract.

In the past the European deadline for players to sign or reach agreements was July or August 15th. With no transfer agreement involving KHL, plus given Alexander Radulov left Nashville with a signed NHL contract, there are no enforceable rules beyond a verbal agreement that was not honored, with the IHL having no real authority over an independent league to prohibit anyone from participating.

When Jiri Hudler left Detroit to sign in KHL last summer in early July, Shawn McBride, the KHL's North American spokesman had the following:

"There's been a gentleman's agreement in place to not pursue situations like Radulov but this is a different situation," McBride said. "As a result of there not being a formal transfer agreement there are not bylaws or any binding legal parameters that have been outlined."

Having written this the KHL season opens September 8th, with Petrov's Ak Bars squad.

Training camp will for them likely opens in about two weeks. From what I could understand Ak Bars exhibition schedule opens around August 22nd.

This may well go beyond what the Islanders can do because this player is not a free agent. Only Ak Bars knows what it intends to do.

Bottom line a decision has to be reached soon.
The Telegram: Calvin deHaan, had a few words on his shoulder injury as team Canada's development camp at  Mile One Centre in St. John’s.

Prospect Casey Cizikas is part of roster also.

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New York Resigns Jon Sim

New York Islander Fan Central | 8/03/2010 12:13:00 PM | Comment Here
Islanders website: Report Jon Sim has been resigned to a one-year contract, but given a two-way deal, which means he could be playing for Bridgeport or New York.

General Manager, Garth Snow comments.

NYIFC Comments:
Surprising, but this is a two-way contract, which means he is no lock to win an NHL roster spot. Bridgeport needed a veteran forward, he carried them two years ago, after being sent down, and would be a good mentor.

Obviously not the veteran scoring forward Islander fans are looking to in UFA, but this is not the contract Andy Hilbert received for two years. An NHL roster spot will have to be earned.

As a fourth line, thirteen goal player, who works very hard, some grit and a good character player it's a reasonable gamble, if Scott Gordon is using him in the top six, it's not the right move to sign him.

My preference would have been Sean Bergenheim was given this offer, or perhaps Asham, who likely would not accept a two-way contract but welcome back to Jon Sim.

To the best of my knowledge Bridgeport did not sign one veteran forward this summer, nor did they have anyone signed at the forward position who would qualify as a veteran. Sean Bentivoglio, Greg Mauldin, Trevor Smith were not retained. Kurtis McLean, Mike Iggulden were not retained last summer.

If Richard Park cannot find an NHL spot, I hope Garth Snow makes a similar move.

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Improved Going Into 2010-11? On Paper Means Nothing

New York Islander Fan Central | 8/03/2010 11:19:00 AM | Comment Here
There is a long way to go here before we see the finished product for the New York Islanders heading into training camp much less opening night.

I absolutely see a trade coming from the defense with seven one-way contracts, also it appears they need a scoring forward or two, with virtually no spots available up front right now.

I cannot see Calvin deHaan or Travis Hamonic making the NHL together, nor do I see one of them waiting another two years if they show anything in camp. Only management knows if Nino Niederreiter, Kirill Petrov or anyone from class of 2010 will enter camp with a shot at an NHL roster spot.

With European leagues starting soon, plus NHL camps a month away, things will pick up in what's been a very slow market with the salary cap.

You can make a reasonable case the Islanders in some ways are improved on paper, but that means nothing. You are finally improved when you win games that you used to lose.

We don't know what new signing may win a job, or if other veteran forwards are coming in a transaction, Matt Moluson taught us that very well last season, everyone has a chance.

Andy Sutton, Freddy Meyer had outstanding stretches for long periods of the season, a year ago. How much better can James Wisniewski, Mark Eaton or Milan Jurcina do individually?

My point is it's not about individual play.

Team defense is about chemistry in a five man unit, forwards block passing lanes or getting in front of shots. It's about how the defenders clear the puck, breakout passes, or ability to win battles along the boards. The center's defensive play in front of his goalie, and skating the puck out of dangerous areas.

Last year this team struggled in those areas shorthanded and at even strength, allowing too many shots or goals against, with too much pressure on them forcing icings, or uneven play.

In those stretches the parade of penalties would come.

Names mean nothing without chemistry.

For all thirty teams, we will not know who is improved until the puck drops and we see how teams work as a unit.

For myself, the biggest 2010-11 potential improvement will come in the young players coming back, a year older and more developed from Tavares, Bailey, Okposo, MacDonald, Hillen.

Frans Nielsen has to return and produce, Matt Moulson has to score his goals, Comeau has to produce over 82 games and not soft goals he was credited with down the stretch. If Trent Hunter is not traded, he must produce consistently over eighty two games.

As for the next month we'll see, I'm expecting changes.

Perhaps Jesse Joensuu, Robin Figren, David Ullstrom, or Matt Martin (or another prospect) comes in and earns a spot or Garth Snow wants to give them a full chance before going in another direction.

This is why you draft players, sign them, and develop them.

I would not expect an Eastern conference again where Philadelphia, Boston, Montreal and Ottawa qualified for the playoffs with brutal stretches of uneven play in 2009-10.

Right now, things are only on paper, that means nothing.

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Brendan Witt Bought Out By New York

New York Islander Fan Central | 8/01/2010 10:56:00 PM | Comment Here Reports Brendan Witt has officially been bought out by the New York Islanders.

NYIFC Comments:
I'm a little disappointed he did not receive the same opportunity to win back a spot as Jon Sim did, but the current depth chart speaks for itself.

Despite how things worked out, I'm glad the Islanders approached him early before they had to give him a contract a few years ago.

At the time Witt was surprised he was offered a contract extension, thought the team would wait before making a decision, and acknowledged that they could have traded him.

Witt struggled with a lot of knee problems his final years here, and played hurt for long stretches. He seemed to finally gain mobility back in December 2008, and played out the season, but he got hurt in early 2009.

Unfortunately, last season his plus minus did reflect his play at times, and he was knocked around by opposing players.

Is was reported months ago that Garth Snow would not place Witt on re-entry waivers, but having written this are unconditional waivers the same thing, did those comments apply beyond the 2009-10 regular season?

Perhaps Witt's agent requested this, or the team wanted to move on and not hold him in Bridgeport which would be the fair thing to do, if Witt felt he could make another NHL team, or a trade could not be worked out?

I do believe Snow went easy on Witt with his comments when he was placed on waivers in February, he was not going to knock a player hurting/struggling unless the player puts him that position.

Witt went down to Bridgeport at a time he seemed to be hurt, but out of nowhere he was able to play three games in three days. When he arrived, I read nothing but blanket praise from Bridgeport management, his new teammates, and Witt played virtually every game before he has to leave the club for the playoffs because of family circumstances.

His play helped Bridgeport qualify for a playoff spot.

He did a solid job by all reports. Witt was classy in his interviews with Ct Post.

Did it seem appropriate, Anton Klementyev got called up over Witt, who was sitting for weeks before that one game? No, however Dylan Reese was more effective here than Witt, as was Andrew MacDonald.

I hope another NHL team gives Witt a chance. I do not believe this is the end for him, more a matter of him regaining his mobility and receiving a fresh start at full strength. He did not play often on a healthy Islander defense or team his last few years, he did seemingly play hurt far too often.

Of course, I remember him being hit by an SUV on 12/8, plus media attention from it.

But that night on the ice the Islanders lost another game they needed to win 6-2, which is what I remembered more. Witt had a second period penalty, the Flyers scored a pp goal within eight seconds. Philadelphia had three pp goals, and a shorthanded goal that night, after a 4-0 loss to Tampa, and the Flyer game, they traveled to Toronto, losing 3-2, the next day.

That key loss was at a point Philadelphia was struggling badly.

Overall it was great to have Brendan Witt on the New York Islanders, his early days with the team he was outstanding, and dominated several games in the physical department. He really re-invented his game coming out of the lockout, and put his body in front of any shot he could. A warrior in every hockey sense of the word.

Opening night last year he crushed Ruslan Fedotenko, no doubt many remember how he leveled Malkin long ago, or dominated Jagr in others. He even had the two goal game against Edmonton.

Classy man, a lot of fun to watch play hockey, who no doubt will be missed, and a great interview. Witt did a lot of excellent things for charity, not only here but in Washington.

Walking definition of what a hockey player should represent.

Here were Witt's comments when he was placed on waivers:
"I guess I'll find out tomorrow at noon if I get picked up or if not, I guess see if I go to Bridgeport or stay here," Witt said. " I guess we'll discuss that tomorrow."

"I'm sure he's disappointed," coach Scott Gordon said. "But we're a team in transition."

"I played with my knee for awhile, but I'm not one to complain about injuries. More than anything I'm just kind of shocked," Witt said. "Now I'll just sit and wait."

Did he feel like he got a fair shot this year?

"I think so," Witt said. "I think I could've played better, but it is what it is. Did it deserve this? I don't know, but it's just the way the business is and I'll try not to take it personal."

New York Acquires D James Wisniewski For Conditional Third Rd Pick

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/31/2010 12:55:00 AM | Comment Here
Before we get to the trade, the Islanders website reported on the passing of long-time fan Bill Hayes here with a very classy feature.

I remember Mr Hayes at the games for many years, and express condolences to his family. His love and passion for the New York Islanders will never be forgotten.
Islanders website: Reports the New York Islanders have acquired James Wisniewski from the Anaheim Ducks in exchange for a conditional third round pick in the 2011 NHL Entry Draft, GM Garth Snow comments.

Orange County Register: Eric Stephens, has comments from Anaheim General Manager, Bob Murray on why he made this trade, along with the newest Islander.

Wisniewski's comments:
“This year, if you look at it, it was all injuries that kept us out of the playoffs in my opinion. And they didn’t feel I was worth it but hopefully the Islanders can see the potential that I have and maybe it’ll be great for my career. It’s another chapter in my life.”

The draft pick is optional in nature as the Islanders have until June 1 to give the Ducks their own third-round selection or Colorado’s third-round pick that they acquired in a prior deal. reported that the trade is conditional upon Wisniewski passing a physical by 5 p.m. EDT on Sunday. Scott Cullen breaks down trade from both sides.

NYIFC Comments:
I'm frankly shocked on a lot of levels. No doubt a steal for Garth Snow from a club that did not want to take on that kind of salary, but still signed the player before suddenly moving him.

I did follow Wisniewski's negotiations here before he resigned and felt he received above his market value, but you almost never see a signing to avoid arbitration, followed by an immediate trade.

Reminds everyone this is a business, some felt this player would receive more than he signed for in arbitration. Was Bob Murray that interested in conditional third, when he could have walked away from an award or simply not qualified him?

As for Garth Snow, his defense improved a great deal in the physical department, and adds a top four defender with twenty minute ability. It also likely sets up what will be another trade given his depth chart.

Mark Eaton is a big defender, but not an overly physical player, Wisniewski brings that element at a young age missing from this backline, but is not big in terms of size.

Wisniewski will be an UFA next summer, but a very good move by Garth Snow.

Would be fun to see Matt Martin, Wisniewski, Travis Hamonic & Zenon Konopka knocking teams around.

Downside with this move is the new NHL rules on hits to the head, plus this player being a repeat offender in terms of suspensions (once for eight games here) means Islanders will lose his services for a long time if he is suspended again.

The days of Gary Roberts charging in from center ice for a head shot in 2002 playoffs against Kenny Jonsson, with no suspension are over.

Does this mean Anaheim will claim Brendan Witt's salary in exchange off unconditional waivers? Not likely, but it may set the table for another future deal between the clubs. Cam Fowler was signed and they have Bobby Ryan to sign along with filling out their roster.

NYIFC Notables

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/29/2010 12:27:00 AM | Comment Here

I though this would be a good time for a boring NYIFC history story, given we just passed four years, with an update on a few items.

In truth, NYIFC is still here today only because of luck, coincidence, and some very fortunate timing.

Also many folks asking me to keep it going last summer.

A few mistakes turned into good breaks along the way.

When Islanders-Sound Tigers closed after seven years, there was no such thing as blogger, when I decided to close NYIFC, Twitter was only getting started. I knew nothing about twitter beyond putting the rss feed there so a few folks could read blog entries.

1999 to May 2006 Islanders-Sound Tigers:
HF writer 2004/board moderator 2002-06. (a few of you please stop sending me e-mails about how terrible the old board is now or about the ten plus individuals moderating, I don't know them.)

July 2007-Feb 2009:

NYIFC Opens Full Blog entries daily. One of the first to use live chats and do updates during trade deadlines, UFA or NHL draft.

Feb 2009:
Announced NYIFC would close permanently after the season.

April 2009:
Closed NYIFC, kept page viewable.

May 2009:
Finally got Islanders to take NYIFC out of blog box after several e-mails requesting link be removed after season. My intention was to close, which is why I asked the Islanders to remove my link in first place.

A lot easier to get in the box, then it was to get out. At least my suggestion after 2008 to add another ten individuals for 2009 was used for a while.

May 2009:
Decided to keep NYIFC visible during WC for page updates which led to a few blog entries, page was still viewable at time and was updating it anyway for myself as kind of my own website.

June-July 2009:
Started looking at audio format and figured out how to embed blog entries here, which kept things going for draft/UFA so of course a few blog entries were done at that time.

Late July 2009:
Decided audio entries would stop, and blog would be closed in near future, but that was fun, and very rare for blogger community to do entries in that manner.

August 2009:
Closed NYIFC but needed page for other computer related items with blogger, so put in some hockey updates with what I was doing, some folks again asked me to keep page open so I did.

What's ironic was in August 2009 when I was doing all these things and needed this page to try new colors, or pictures in backgrounds, I completely forgot because I claimed my domain and paid for it, blogger was free.

I could have started a new blog and deleted NYIFC at any time. I could have used prospect blog. Folks were asking me to keep the pages viewable, so I did until September, but it was simply dumb luck I forgot blogger was also free.

Sept 2009:
Camp opened, closed NYIFC for good at time and made page not viewable, I had no intention of reopening ever again.

Then came Twitter:
Sept 2009:

Started dabbling with twitter entries during camp/preseason which to that point only was hooked into rss for blog updates, it was very easy and did not require changes/re-edits.

I then discovered how to put a twitter box in blogger as an individual blog entry, so three weeks later, I reopened NYIFC and announced it would return for good using twitter box.

I had no intention of doing blog entries, but added some during select times, and currently at times during off-season which brings us to where we are now.

NYIFC never returned to it's former interactive format, with no blog comments, polls or live chats we used to have. 09-10 was mostly twitter updates in the forum of a blog entry. Enough folks are kind enough to e-mail.

In the end, a lot of coincidence, some breaks, or dumb luck, but in the end it turned out for the best, NYIFC is still here.

No idea where things go from this point, all I can write is NYIFC will never return to the full daily format of only blogger entries.

I also again formally request no one e-mail me with advertising opportunities, NYIFC is a non-profit hockey blog.

I will of course listen to those with individual Islander sites I consider of quality for my readers, but that does not mean I want to do a link exchange. I do not accept blogs interested in breaking news or cartoon blogs. Serious individuals, not so much interested in making themselves popular, but telling our teams story for our fans.

In short, folks in it for the Islanders before themselves.

That's why I started doing this in 1999. I hope there are one or two individuals who feel the same way, willing to put in the time.

I have no interest in writing for anyone, if I write at all, it will be here.

Media policy will not change with sources, or content used in entries or twitter updates. I do not care if NYIFC is the last place in North America to do an entry, it will be confirmed by professional outlets using their names, and it will be correct, just like we have done with trades from the beginning.

As for NYIFC page itself:
I like the new template and looking at expanding it to cover the full page, even if in the end, blogging/twitter updates stop. I'm not changing the prospect blog at all. It's perfect as an Islander prospect reference page in a stand-alone format.

An updated NYIFC header will be released when 2010-11 season begins after current team is set, the classic look will remain.

There will be no announcement regarding the future of NYIFC.

This will also be the final NYIFC update ever, this was the correct time to do an entry about it.

Wake up for this part...
My Thanks as always to everyone, it's been a great four years.

I have no doubt if things break right this team can win the Stanley Cup in 2010-11. Three teams with less than ninety points went to the playoffs in this conference, the Isles competed well with all the top teams, they had third best record among Eastern teams against the Western Conference.

Some of these kids, up their scoring, some veterans produce. and the man games lost to injury finally drops to less than a hundred fifty, this will be a tough team to keep out of the NHL playoffs.

We'll see. Sometimes correct, sometimes not.

I had sound off during Isles selection of Nino Niederreiter, thought the young man standing next to Garth Snow was his son after seeing Mr Wang and his child on stage? I only knew of the name Kevin Connolly until the draft.

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Matt Moulson Signed, Ryan Jankowski to MTL

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/27/2010 02:16:00 PM | Comment Here
Islanders website: Report Matt Moulson avoided arbitration, and agreed to a one year contract with the Islanders for the 2010-11 season, GM Garth Snow comments.

Canadian Press: Reports Moulson will get a raise from $575,000 to $2.45 million.

NYIFC Comments:
Not surprised, sometimes this goes to final moments before a hearing when a compromised is reached. Obviously the Isles were not dealing from a position of strength. Next year Moulson will be an UFA, how he was treated here will likely be remembered when/if there are future contract negotiations. Report Islanders assistant general manager, Ryan Jankowski has been hired as an amateur scout with the Montreal Canadians.

NYIFC Comments:
This is the first professional media confirmation we have Ryan Jankowski was not retained.

I'm not going to hit this very hard, nor am I going to speculate on why Ryan Jankowski was not retained, but teams not announcing a contract expiring is a very common practice by many NHL organizations.

I know with many folks demanding reality TV for every decision made by the Islanders, that does not sit very well, but this is how it is done all over the NHL.

Montreal Canadians: Fired six of their scouts on 5/31, before the NHL draft which is why these jobs became available, nor did the Canadians website issue a release here but did one for Guy Boucher when he was hired by Tampa Bay to be it's new head coach on 6/10.

Christer Rockstrom, worked 21 years for the Rangers, last five as director of player personnel for Europe, his contract expired, it was not announced by team and Edmonton Journal noted it on Saturday as a blurb in an Oilers article.

Sometimes you do not even read about the person being let go until he finds a job somewhere else, or the club announces a replacement, and it's a footnote.

Rockstrom was also hired by Montreal.

Of course, the good news is Ryan Jankowski has been hired by another organization, all Islander fans should wish him the best and thank for him for his work here.

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Islanders New ECHL Affiliate is Kalamazoo Wings

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/26/2010 01:14:00 PM | Comment Here Report the Kalamazoo Wings of the ECHL, announced they have reached an agreement to be an affiliate of the National Hockey League’s New York Islanders for the upcoming 2010-2011.

Kalamazoo Wings: Issued a release with GM, Garth Snow's comments:

“Having a strong ECHL affiliate is crucial to our organization’s future,” said Garth Snow, Islanders general manager. “The Kalamazoo Wings have a rich history, and I’m confident that they’ll provide the necessary resources to properly develop our prospects and provide a stepping stone to the AHL and NHL.”

NYIFC Comments:
From what I can gather this will be a shared affiliation with San Jose Sharks. I will add a section for prospect blog. The Philadelphia Flyers affiliation with Kalamazoo Wings was concluded on 7/2/10.

This affiliation is in Michigan, so travel with be closer to Bridgeport. Brian Compton does a feature on Islander prospect, Aaron Ness where he discusses whether he will turn professional and leave school, along with Head Coach, Scott Gordon's comments on his play at mini-camp.

NYIFC Comments:
Several months ago, Ness's father made it very clear his son would be returning to Minnesota for his junior season. This article leaves open chance he could sign and report to Bridgeport or return to school. has been closed for good because it's too much work to add updates to both sites. The link to all NYIFC twitter related entries/comments has been substituted.

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