Camp Opens For New York 2010-11

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Injury Report and Early Line Combination's were also added to teams website.

Islanders website: The complete training camp roster has been released.

Day one of camp for NHL 2010-11 New York Islanders, the beginning of a new hockey season that will run until at least early April 2011.

Islanders website: Announced 9/17 that six players have been released from their professional tryout contracts. Forwards Casey Cizikas and Alex O’Neil, defenseman Tony DeHart will return to Ontario Hockey League (OHL) teams, forwards Steve Tarasuk, Justin Taylor and defenseman Corey Syvret will attend AHL training camp in Bridgeport.

NYIFC Comments:
Nothing shocking here, DeHart did play in AHL briefly last year so going back to OHL quickly is a mild surprise as opposed to Bridgeport. Cizikas is not signed and was injured so he was not going to play for now. O'Neil was not drafted by club.

A few words on two games vs Bruins prospects.

Both Koskinen-Poulin looked very good, games could have become blowouts for Boston with some of quality chances, but they also seemed to have more time to prep for both games.

See a problem with both of them not starting in Bridgeport, plus there is Lawson.

Already injuries are piling up.

David Toews came here and got hurt immediately after two goals for Brandon last Friday. Casey Cizikas got hurt in first game against Boston, that diving blocked shot by Robin Figren (kept playing) now has him on crutches Friday, he scored off balance in first game.

Marcinko, Joensuu, Martin did not play in these games. O'Neil, Taylor and Corey Syvret had some solid play. Boston looked like a much bigger team with those players out.

David Ullstrom for someone trying to play center looked very good, I don't know where he will skate in camp but I thought he was a winger.

Nino Niederreiter had a goal but seemed to pass up some good scoring chances and got knocked down a few times, still backed up his teammates and fought. Has obvious skills. Justin DiBendetto got into some good scoring areas and had over ten shots in two games. Ullstrom found him for a great chance.

Calvin deHaan looked slower than player he was last year on what seemed very bad ice, with bouncing pucks. He took some hits, but still was the qb on the pp, not bad at all for player who's been out for months, same for Mark Katic. Tony DeHart looked better in second game, Travis Hamonic two fights, not bad on defense, played like a leader.

Islander pp seemed reluctant to shoot, lot's of perimeter play, cycles, one-timers from sides, too many off-sides on rushes also.

Seemed like the club had bus-lag for game one, in game two just could not finish or one pass too many, despite high shot total. One goal by Tony Romano was a why-not shot from above circle that got past Boston goalie, that he should have had. Mostly wrist shots and a little tentative to shoot overall, when game opened up and teams traded chances, Boston had more dangerous opportunities which is how game ended in overtime. Kabanov had a three on one and whiffed, but some skill, got into it a little.

ITV/NHLTV feed never worked/Boston feed worked perfect for most of the two games. Don't know difference being it was same brutal announcer?

The NHL camp opens Friday 9/17. First games are not for another twelve days, so unlike other camps this will not be have a few practices and start playing preseason next week. When 9/29 come around there will be split squad games.

If the club went to China it would have been games against their local teams next week.

The Scott Gordon over speed system (when was last time we saw that word?) produced a lot of injuries a few years ago. A lot of days of drills, scrimmages and practices coming, obvious pressure on first coach since Al Arbour (longest tenured Atlantic coach) to open three straight seasons behind club's bench.

This may well determine roster spots unless players become available in salary dumps or those alternatives look better than some of players on Islander roster.

NYIFC has done enough Kirill Pettov updates, his team has every right to hold him to his contract and have him play for AkBars, just like anyone on the Islander roster who has to earn their minutes. Petrov has a binding agreement.

All in all this was a good agreement with Boston, two games that got a lot more attention than rookies games against Canadian schools, where article could barely be found.

As for 2010-11, full camp open today so we start getting some answers.
Syracuse Standard: Jason Lockhart, formerly Islanders website coordinator begins his new assignment as Syracuse Crunch broadcaster.

The wonderful hockey media that cannot get anything right is releasing contradicting reports on Pat Burns, as to whether he has passed away.

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NYIFC EXCLUSIVE: Agent Refutes Chris Botta Words Of A Staged Story On Paul Martin Negotiations

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As some may have noted the Islanders former VP of media relations on AOL FanHouse, Saturday wrote in a team preview General Manager Garth Snow's efforts to sign Paul Martin, or placing a call to Ilya Kovalchuk's agent employed the words "staged stories."

I linked to this here, so you could read it in full context.

Jay Grossman, who represents Ilya Kovalchuk in North America, did an interview with Craig Custance, was quoted directly on Islander related negotiations in the Sporting News. NYIFC did an entry on this last week with commentary.

Mr Grossman was contacted requesting an updated comment/reaction, if one is received it will be posted here.

Paul Martin's agent, Ben Hankinson of Octagon Hockey comments on negotiations were widely reported this summer CBC

I forwarded the AOL article in context (with link) to Mr Hankinson, requesting a response, he replied 9/14 with the following:
As I stated before Garth Snow was very aggressive in pursuing unrestricted free agent Paul Martin on July 1, 2010. Garth called my office more than any other NHL GM. Garth directly spoke to Paul on the phone and also had Doug Weight call and speak with Paul. Garth offered more money than any other team. It was not staged. I certainly did not have time on July 1 to waste. I did express our (Paul’s) concerns about playing in an older building when Garth replied “Paul would be sitting on the (bleeping) players bench, not in the stands.” It was not a staged story.

NYIFC Comments:
My Thanks to Ben Hankinson of Octagon Hockey.

It was not a staged story, why use those words?

Sorry folks, NYIFC does not like wasting our time lowering our standard here, but when a former team employee uses such words, it's time to find out what we can.

For those e-mailing why Point Blank was dropped from NYIFC earlier this year, I submit there will be no change in policy here for the reasons given in February which through commentary like this only confirm the decision was the correct one.

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New York Will Ice Veterans In Saskatoon vs Calgary on 9/29

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Montreal Gazette: Cory Wolfe has comments from General Mangager Garth Snow, on veteran lineup that will represent New York in Saskatoon, against the Calgary Flames on 9/29 at Credit Union Center, along with Rick DiPietro's progress to date.

Comments from the General Manager:
On the game in Saskatoon on 9/29:
“We consider our game in Saskatoon a home game and we’re going to put on a good show for the fans.”

“We were always going to play one of our home games in Saskatoon, just because of the positive experience that we had there last year.”

“With the way we were embraced in the community, I’d like to think that we won over some fans in Saskatoon because I know we’re big fans of going back there.”

On Goaltender Rick DiPietro:
“He’s been doing great, He’s been skating with a bunch of our players who have come here early either to train or get their kids in school. He has looked really sharp.”

“He can just go out and play and not have any physical issues.”
“To say that he’s excited would be an understatement.”

NYIFC Comments:
What's notable here is the Saskatoon/Calgary game, although scheduled long ago as part of the canceled China trip, is a split squad contest, with the Islanders also playing in Philadelphia the same night.

The other split-squad contest is in Quebec on 10/2, with the Coliseum exhibition against New Jersey where historically the majority of the opening night lineup participates.

Sure, the gm could be selling the Saskatoon game a bit to help lagging ticket sales for a one-day event, which is far different than a full camp a year ago.

We'll see who participates when 9/29 comes along, one group will make a much shorter trip.

As for Rick DiPietro on 2/25 he told the NY Daily News his leg/body felt good.

Three days later his knee issues resurfaced in practice that sidelined him for the remainder of the season.

Snow's comments on this (even DiPietro's) are good news, but until DiPietro can stay healthy in the long-term, it means nothing.

Ak Bars Official Website: Translated to English will give you up to date team announcements/play of Kirill Petrov, no sources required.

Twitter updates today have article/analysis on Sporting News, Islander preview by Flyer centric-writer, Chuck Gormley.

Mr Gormley writes the Islanders got what they paid for in free agency, and mostly discusses how the club did not keep up with it's Atlantic counter-parts, despite New York finishing only fourteen goals behind the Flyers a year ago. He also did not bother noting his fellow Sporting News writer, Craig Custance entry on Islander/ Kovalchuk negotiations just days ago, where agent Jay Grossman's comments contradict him entirely, but still wrote New York made a lucrative offer to Kovalchuk in the $100 million range.

According to Kovalchuk's agent, Jay Grossman, no such offer was ever made.

Beyond that a lot of old, stock quotes.

Mr Gormley was correct on one thing, Islander fans got what they paid for, a free article so sloppy/lazy he still owes us a refund.

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