New York Announces Final Coliseum Draft Party

New York Islander Fan Central | 5/15/2014 01:02:00 PM | |
Islanders website announces draft party for 6/27.

Eric Boulton, Calvin de Haan, Anders Lee, Matt Martin and Ryan Strome are scheduled to attend.

NYIFC Comments:  
Regardless of 2014-15 standings, expect this to be the final Nassau Coliseum draft party before it's switched to Barclay's or held elsewhere next June, so for those understandably not enthusiastic about going this will likely be the final chance to see the player area/lockeroom.

Islanders website: Has John Tavares comments in a radio interview he is cleared to practice.

NYIFC Comments: 
Good news, however it comes down to how he holds up long-term with the daily grind that will begin in September training camp.


  1. Unrelated but if a sale is made with the team your thoughts on the new owner clearing house and replacing snow/coaching staff or will snow and co. stay put?

  2. If a sale is eventually made the new owner will likely want his own people. Here's my counter question for you.
    What if the next owner likes the current management and has no hockey people he knows or likes?

    Wang apparently did not have hockey people when he came in to replace the current management, what if that's the case again and Snow's staff starts winning?


  3. If Tavares goes down with another knee injury, we'll be wishing we had that pick in 2015. Tj

    1. Nothing they can do about 2015 pick if they retain this one. Nothing can be done but hope Tavares holds up when time comes.

      You want a 2015 pick because if it becomes a 30 team lottery you want to be in. especially if past finishes help determine order.


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