Anaheim gm Brian Burke rips Kevin Lowe over offer sheet and timing.

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Interesting stuff from Burke, calling Oilers gm Kevin Lowe gutless and classless.

At first Burke was upset at the timing because he was going to be away and that Lowe could have dropped his offer sheet at any time, but clearly Burke is annoyed at how Edmonton is doing business and clearly Kevin Lowe does seem to be desperate.

At least it should hold down the reports out of Edmonton that surface after every Islander-Oiler trade that whoever we trade them is a superstar.

Article does show how this really boxes Burke in if he wants to resign a Corey Perry next summer or if Niedermayer or Selanne decide to return.

Burke reportedly is no friend of Garth Snow either and had some insults for him last summer when he was hired. Also some reports claimed Snow traded Blake to Anaheim at the trade deadline but it was done after the 3pm deadline....