Arbitration Countdown for Trent Hunter

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/27/2007 12:45:00 PM |
Trent Hunter's arbitration hearing is scheduled for August 1st, Adam Mair of Sports Illustrated clearly does not understand the market or Hunter's impact on the club if he feels he's only worth around 1.5m.

If that is not enough all anyone has to do is look at Hartnall's overpayment by Philadelphia to see that is the market Hunter and his agent are expecting..

Good news is arbitration means he will have a contract so no chance of Wang law when camp opens and him locked out like Bergenheim.

Bad news is next summer Hunter is unrestricted so it's in the club's best interest to lock him up long-term now. It was understandable IMHO to not overpay Jason Blake at his age, this is where you spend that money you saved on a long-term contract for Hunter.