New York Islander Fan Central | 7/26/2007 01:17:00 PM |
Spread the word, it's great to be back and Welcome to Everyone...

My thanks to so many for their kind words and support at both Islanders-Sound Tigers and Hockey's Future.

It was my honor to own and operate Islander-Sound Tigers for seven years. It was also my pleasure to be the Islanders Editor for three years and board moderator at Hockey's Future for five years. Both sites during my time survived the lockout and were among the most popular websites in cyberspace and that was thanks to many of the great members we had at both sites.

Islander Fan Central is written based on my perspective on the NY Islanders.

For those who know me well enough by now this will be one of the best updated blogs in all of cyberspace with tons of quality topics and discussions.On this blog expect daily updates and commentary on all subjects related to the New York Islanders.

Thank you for visiting and looking forward to hearing from everyone