New York Islander Fan Central growing fast

New York Islander Fan Central | 8/18/2007 02:40:00 PM |

Let me start by expressing my thanks to all the folks who have contacted me or have been viewing this very new blog.

I'm not one for counters or views or things like that, but I added some just to get an idea how things were going and for the first time this month took a look at the bottom of the page to go with the increasing e-mails and was shocked.

I have added a new message board for all those wanting to talk hockey. I'm hoping for a small die-hard group of Islander fans who want to have some insightful discussion where the content and quality are first class.

All I ask of anyone posting is that the content is respectful. I'm going for quality, not quantity.

When I started this only a few weeks ago on 7/24 I was a little skeptical as to the response it would receive with so many Islander websites to say nothing of the club's new blog box. Outside of a post or two on my old Islanders-Sound Tigers yahoo forum and adding in feeders, I have done no advertising at all for this blog. I get so caught up in the hockey I forget to go do any advertising because that aspect is boring to me.

Once again all I can do is thank everyone for such great early support and promise if you visit this site on a regular basis you will get a blog you will look forward to reading packed with quality information. Those who are familiar with my work over the years know I would not have it any other way for New York Islander fans.

From time to time I will discuss some hockey cyber-space items over the years that folks may (or may not) be interested in from the sites I have owned, moderated or written for.

Please check out all the features which are always being updated and improved. With the new uniform design released I finally settled on a color scheme for the blog a little less hard on the eyes but can always go back to the seventies look at any time. Feel free to offer suggestions and I'll see what can be done.

The news sections of the page at the bottom automatically update so even if I'm not around, there is always something going on.

I feel I have picked out the best automated Islander news sources. Logan's blog is not RSS accessible nor is TSN for hockey only but there is something here for everyone and I'm always adding things and subracting others. If your a Sound Tiger fan we have several updates on them as well and links to Michael Fornabaio's outstanding blog. Ct Post does not currently have RSS for Sound Tigers.

All prospect profiles from the club are also accessible here with any Islander website updated.

When the pre-season starts I'm going to post every update from Moncton to New York and in-between I can find.

Thanks again everyone.