Update on New York Islander Fan Central

New York Islander Fan Central | 8/03/2007 11:28:00 AM |

Wanted to give everyone an update on what's happening at New York Islander Fan Central, what were about and welcome comments and suggestions.

This site has only been around for about ten days and a lot is happening.

We have already gotten a nice flow of visitors to the site and my thanks to everyone who has visited/commented or e-mailed. I plan to promote the site as much as possible on all the major search engines and hockey websites. I hope those who come here spread the word because this will be a very active site packed with updates and information.

I also included a message board for those wishing to talk as well, please be respectful on it.

New York Islander Fan Central is my blog relating to all things regarding the New York Islanders Hockey Team. At times that will expand to NHL topics as well but as you can see already this site will try to cover all bases.

As for the blog itself, I would suggest even if you do not see updates from myself on a given day to please check the links which include automated news updates from the Islanders website, Newsday, NHL/AHL.com and several hockey news sources are all at the bottom of this blog. It's all automated and set to provide the latesst Islander-related information quickly for everyone, so please check the entire page and get the most out of this site.

All prospect profiles have been included here on this page as well. This was discussed in a recent blog. All blog updates and the best of Islander Fan Central is archived, tagged and available to all readers.

Several Islander video content providers have also been included on this site and I'm always looking for more sites. Islanders TV has a You Tube page but it's not RSS capable but I will be posting some of their video's as well.

Some things cannot be linked to because those sites do not have RSS feeds, but things like Ct Post Michael Fornabio's blog are a must-read for new, updated information, links to all the major news sites for the Islanders are included.

Some sites like TSN do not have RSS for hockey-only so they were not included, but I'm always adding to what is a very new site and it will be a trial and error process as some things are added and are moved around, while others are altered.

That's it for today's update on the site. Please feel free to offer suggestions and my thanks to everyone.