Who can the Islanders trade to improve now ?

New York Islander Fan Central | 8/07/2007 11:58:00 AM | | |
Easy question and of course the easy answer is anyone can be traded at any time.

I have read several rumors the Islanders were interested in player trades this summer that did not happen to this point, but who would other teams be interested in from our organization that could bring the kind of help that can help this years club without blowing up prospects you put several years into?

Of course, other gm's are going to ask about Kyle Okposo, who should be completely untouchable based on the reports about him to this point unless the player is Ovechkin or Crosby.

So who's next?
If I'm an opposing gm looking at our organization, I'm not finding young franchise forwards or first rounders on defense, we have Dustin Kohn but he's a second rounder and has been improving but do the Islanders part with him now? If I were an opposing gm I would want him in a deal for a solid NHL talent.

Tambellini has been traded once but this is the year we likely find out if he can stay in the NHL or is on track to become our next Justin Papineau? I would think an opposing gm would be interested.

Bergenheim is back from Europe at 500k on a one-way contract after a good partial year in the SEL, if I'm an opposing gm I'm interested in him also.

Of course players like Frans Nielsen, Nokelainen, Comeau, Colliton are players on my list if I'm an opposing gm looking to deal.

At the NHL level, the pickings frankly get slim quickly and this is where the problem is. No doubt if I'm a gm Trent Hunter is the player I want most off this roster with Radek Martinek a close second. Considering their age and potential it would take something equal in terms of talent and potential for Snow to act.

No doubt a Brendan Witt, Mike Sillinger have value on the trade market, but these players forum the core of this club for now and will likely be here as long as the team is competitive for a playoff spot. They are not the players you move in August, they are the kind you add to for your veteran core.

Players like Bates, Meyer, Park you include in trades but they are not going to bring much of a return. Can't move Satan's scoring unless you get scoring or it's the trade deadline and he's going UFA as he can at the end of this season, but it's August and for now you want to add to Satan.

Campoli, Gervais are two defenders I absolutely want if I'm an opposing gm. Gervais is the most likely to be dealt if a trade were to happen (Campoli just signed a three year deal) but this leaves a hole on a unit already that needs to sign someone. I'm sure for every gm who see's Bergeron as a good offensive defender there is another who seems him as a disaster on defense. So what's his market and how do the Islanders replace his offensive skill for someone who seemed a good fit here last season?

The players just signed are not being traded, no doubt Simon and Commrie come into play come the trade deadline if the club is out of contention.

So where does a realistic trade come from that improves the roster this August from Garth Snow?

I keep looking and I keep seeing outside the prospects, Hunter-Bergenheim or Gervais.

Which to me means Garth Snow has more work to do in Unrestricted Free Agency unless a gm wants to dump salary which likely only means a marginal player who's likely not going to help anyway.