Aaron Johnson update

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/08/2007 03:13:00 PM | | |
Cape Brenton Post today checks with an update on new Islander Aaron Johson on a variety of subjects,

“It’s a little more nerve wracking this time around coming into a new situation and not knowing too many people,” said Johnson from New York where he will begin his first training camp with the New York Islanders Tuesday. “On the other side I definitely think it’s a good challenge and a good opportunity for me.”

“They have a couple of guys who just signed long-term contracts, but there is definitely opportunity there,” said Johnson.

“Like any other team, you’re going to have to beat guys out, but that’s the point of the game and that’s why you go out there and play it.

“I have to come in to camp and earn a job. Nothing is going to be given to me in my situation.”

“You want to be an outstanding defenceman and you want to play every game and do all that as fast as possible, but there are always some development things and a bit of a road to travel before you can accomplish those goals.”

One of those goals is to parlay this opportunity into a longer deal for the future.

“I tend to compete better with pressure so I’m putting some pressure on myself heading into camp,” he said.

“I had an OK year last year, but I want to be better and I have to keep learning and developing.

“Obviously, my goal this year is to have a strong season and to work my way on to more than a one-year contract.