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Cory Witt updated his NYI media blog and wrote the Islanders will have a new goal tending coach this season and that it likely is going to be Mike Dunham, who Witt claims is retired and currently on Long Island.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Good update informing us Dunham is retired and could be named goal tending coach.

That said with a franchise goaltender, you want a top goaltending coach. Dunham at this time is not that person, regardless of whether he has a good relationship with the goaltenders. Gilles Lefebvre who was goal tending coach last season seemed to do a very good job with DiPietro and Dubielewicz, why did the Isles let him or go or why did he leave? Dunham despite his great early games was clearly not ready when DiPietro went down and they needed him to step up. He also had the same problem in Atlanta. For Mr Witt to ignore this is not telling us the entire story nor did he mention Dunham's long-time friendship with Garth Snow.

In the end it's time to ask how much inexperience can a team add behind the scenes combined with trying to get career years out of a lot of players? Last year it was a staff from Moncton and a backup goalie as gm. Now a goalie coach with no experience in the role as teacher?

Mike Palmateer, Billy Smith among some have been Islander goaltending coaches for those wondering but both did not go from the ice directly into that role.

Dipietro is a franchise goalie who is signed for the next fourteen years. Hire a top flight goaltending coach who's going to push him and bring out his best game, not someone who gets along well with DiPietro. Granted a goalie coach like a Gilles Lefebvre is not around the club daily, but there was solid improvement in DiPietro's game last season.

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