Interview with Bill Guerin

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Kimber Auerbach who has been posting on Sound Tigers website had an interview with Bill Guerin and his impressions on some players among other things.

Out of the rookies, who are some of the guys who have made an impression in your mind?

Andrew MacDonald played really well. He seems extremely poised with the puck and makes simple plays. I have also liked the play of Blake Comeau. He goes into the corners without any fear and hits anyone who stands up to him. He has a lot of potential to be a great player.

One player that has said he's learned a lot from you the way you carry yourself on and off the ice is Jason Pitton. Can you talk of his play?

Jason Pitton has had a good camp. I see a lot of the same tendencies in him that I had when I was younger. He does a lot of simple things needed in a game that are hard to do like clearing puck out of zone the first time and not turning the puck over in the neutral zone. He has no fear of standing in front of the net and taking a beating for the good of his team.

Now wearing the C for the first time in your pro career what are some of things youve spoken to the young guys about on what they should concentrate on at camp?

Two things...1. Work Hard 2. Have Fun. It is a hard task to keep them relaxed but I try and tell them to keep those nerves to put into the game situations. Believe it or not theyll be much more confident with their nerves than without them. When you play with a few butterflies, youre mind is more in tune to the game as opposed to being overly confident and lackadaisical.