Islander News Articles 9/29:

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Virtually nothing from the city on last night's game aside from writer blogs. The Times, News did not do a game article, the Post did a Ranger centric article while the Devils continue to receive daily coverage and had a Saturday article. The Journal News in Westchester did not do an article for the paper and one ticker/ap report had Dubielewicz in goal for the Islanders when he did not dress.

Newsday has an article on the game from the Islander perspective confirming Sutton was fined for an elbow and that Ted Nolan is expected to return to the club on Sunday for the preseason final in Boston.

* The 6-5 Sutton admitted his elbow came up too high when he hit the 5-11 Callahan but said the height difference was a factor.

"Whether you're 6-6 and [the opponent] is 5-8, it doesn't matter," Campbell said in a conference call. "So as far as a legal blow to the head, that wasn't legal. But there was no injury, and I don't think he made complete contact."

* The Islanders' lineup had the minimum of eight regular NHL skaters, including goal-scorers Sean Bergenheim and Trent Hunter, rather than risking another free-for-all like Monday's game.

* After the game the other night, top-line forward Ruslan Fedotenko said..

"you don't want anything stupid to happen and have a player get injured with a lot of young guys running around."

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Almost sounds like a negotiated deal from Colin Campbell. Sit out Simon, Sutton and DiPietro and Sutton gets off with a fine. Given Downie only left his feet to deliver a hit here in open ice and got twenty game it seems the usual cryptic decision making from Colin Campbell that has no real standards or set parameter (aside from a player getting hurt or popular opinion) will continue to have fans and team executives wondering what's going on with someone who clearly is over his head in his job and has been since he was hired.

The kicker for Downie is the AHL can choose or not choose to honor the suspension or change the amount of games. Does it go back into effect if he becomes a full time NHL player at some point?

I'm still wondering how Colin Campbell did not suspend Gary Roberts from charging Kenny Jonsson from center ice and driving his head into the boards so hard with his hands his helmet broke and even with a five minute penalty was not suspended in the 2002 playoffs. You listen to him now vs his words and comments in 2002 here and it makes you wonder why he still has a job.

Michael Fornabaio's blog here has the lineup and box score with some comments on Bridgeport's 2-0 win against Providence Friday. Ct Post had articles on Maxime Ouellet and Mike Mole efforts in the win and an article on Sean Bentivoglio.

Sound Tigers website has a game article on the win and a picture of a Bruins goalie pads that actually outdo Rick DiPietro.

What's a day without a lawsuit with Msg involved? This time Msg is suing the National Hockey League and the Cablevision/Garden of all organizations is lecturing the league about illegal business practices here with a straight face.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Cannot make this stuff up gang. So let's get this straight, the NHL has a monopoly on how thirty teams advertise, do their websites/promotions/merchandising and a monopoly like Cablevision that sets standards and practices inside their monopoly does not understand this?

Good for the league to fine the Garden until it conforms, Islanders conformed during the summer with their website as did the other clubs.

This die hard hockey fans did not even know the season officially starts tomorrow with a featured two game set between Anaheim and Los Angeles in London starting at 12pm EST on Sunday on Versus going head to head with the NFL here.

Can you say Mr point zero ratings. (animal house)

Prospect Robin Figren who was in Islander camp injured but apparently one of his skates was not sent back with him Edmonton Journal has his comments on his camp, his health and the bizarre circumstances with a skate being lost.