Islander Odd and Ends

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Just because Islanders are up in Moncton for camp does not mean there are not other Islander related things going on.

Espn features Alexei Yashin 100 players you love to hate at #53 and #1 among hockey fans in one of those worthless Espn features that basically ignores hockey.

Greg Wyshynski of AOL did a pre-season preview on the Islanders. I'm not sure if he is a professional writer but think he is.

Edmonton Journal reports Islander prospect Robin Figren has a sports hernia at Islander camp but will likely be back with the Oil Kings on Saturday.

Lighthouse Project had another update on what they are planning.

Sporting News Chuck Gormley who usually covers the Flyers released their Islander preview Tuesday morning with Ray Slover providing his commentary.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
When your opening comments about the club's payroll are incorrect while it's around forty million plus and go downhill from there in terms of misinformation it's hard to take anything here seriously here.

Gormley includes Alexei Yashin and a lot of players the club did not make a serious push at resigning as leaving on their own. He did seem to know his stuff on Campoli and Gervais.

Some fair points about the lack of offense, but it misses a lot in it's rush to condemn the club and what happened last season. Gormley sure has more of an open mind about the Flyers, even though the Islanders finished with ninety two points while the Flyers were 30th.

Ray Slover seemed to guess at the club's lines until the teams website told him who the first line would likely be and did a reasonable job until he wrote this:

And there's no way I'm alone in having doubts about Rick DiPietro. Which means, the Islanders are guilty of having the best chance of finishing last in the Atlantic Division. Unless Snow gets luck with this cast of characters, he'll be hoping to get lucky in the draft lottery.

If Mr Slover wants to say he has doubt's about DiPietro's play that's fine but he had one of the highest shots against per game in the league last year and still was sixth in save percentage and played over sixty games. It's fair to say few goaltenders faced the quality shots against nightly that DiPietro did who usually had little margin for error on a team with moderate offensive support.

Come on Mr Slover, you can write the Islanders could be a lottery team but you also have to credit DiPietro for what he did last season or your not telling everyone the entire story.