Islander Pre-season games on ITV

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/14/2007 04:24:00 PM |

Islanders Website today announced all preseason games will be covered on Islanders television starting Monday with Atlanta.

To get Islanders TV, go to and click on the Islanders TV link.

No television or cable box is required. The Islanders have partnered with Plainview-based NeuLion, who patented a formula for broadcasting the most crisp internet video you will find on the web. Whether in a small window or in full-screen display, Islanders TV broadcasts beautiful DVD quality video.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
I just purchased a new computer and added cable internet to it. I can finally check out Islanders tv from home, I have to say it's excellent for those who have not looked at the site yet.

For years we have missed the preseason on television aside from the games Cablevision allows us to see against only the Rangers. This is just fantastic if I can see the preseason games this year for the first time. I cannot tell folks how many times I had to find odd radio links from teams hosting games at neutral sites just to get a buffered, choppy signal or no game on radio or stream at all.

Hopefully it works as advertised and I can see the game live Monday.

Anyone who cannot see it the game on ITV, respond here or in the message board and I will find out if a radio station in Atlanta or Moncton will carry it somewhere for you.

Updated 5:00pm
Watched seventeen minutes of Friday's scrimmage that was archived on the ITV site with Steve Mears and Billy Jaffe doing the commentary. Play was very choppy but picture quality was fantastic as if you were watching on television. Lot's of player blogs from camp for those wanting to learn something about the new players. A must see for all Islander fans.