New York Islander Fan Central | 9/21/2007 01:07:00 AM | | | | reported on the rookie game where the Islander prospects won against a team
from Moncton.


* The Islanders rookie squad poured it on in the third period to win 4-2 over the University of Moncton, Thursday night at the Moncton Coliseum in Moncton, New Brunswick. Chris Gaudet, Tomas Marcinko, Drew Fata and Sean Bentivoglio scored for the Islanders, while Masi Marjamaki added two assists. Maxime Ouellet made 22 saves to earn the victory.

* Thoughts from player development assistant Steve Webb

"If there's one guy who really stood out in this game, it's Justin Bourne. He tried to make a difference out there every shift. He worked hard, making second, third and fourth efforts. This is a kid who came to camp on an invite, and people knew little about him. Now he's being recognized."

"Kohn is doing a good job transitioning from the junior level to the pros. His skating is effortless, and he's becoming smarter with the puck."

"Drew Fata also had a strong game. He has a great shot and skated well. Jamie Fraser played a good game, as well. He really used his speed well for the second game in a row."

"In the third period, the guys picked it up and took control. They started controlling the play and taking it to Moncton. Specifically, I liked Pitton's game. He skated and hit hard."

49 Maxime Ouellet
35 Mike Mole

40 Jamie Fraser – 7 Simon Lacroix
24 Dustin Kohn – 37 Jordan Hart
44 Drew Fata – 5 Martin Frechette

10 Sean Bentivoglio – 16 Tomas Marcinko – 18 Tyler Haskins
23 Trevor Smith – 9 Chris Gaudet – 15 Masi Marjamaki
20 Max Gratchev – 29 Derek Damon – 8 Justin Bourne
39 Steve Regier – 19 Marc Cavosie – 17 Jason Pitton