Jack Capuano interview

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/19/2007 06:54:00 PM | | |
New Sound Tigers head coach Jack Capuano did a full interview on how things are looking with the AHL team.

What's been your responsibility at Training Camp?

It's been a lot of fun getting our staff together and watching Teddy and his staff work the practices the first few days. Then when we broke camp a couple of days ago, it's our responsibility to keep an eye on the rookies and practicing with them. It's been good having our staff interacting with Teddy and his.

How will the Bridgeport systems compare to the Islanders'?

Teddy made a point that he wants to create a winning environment on Long Island and in Bridgeport. But the most important thing for Bridgeport is develop future Islanders. There were a lot of things Teddy met with us involving systems and the structure of our program. With the exception of maybe our power play or penalty kill, it's a similar system so that guys can fit in easily when they get called up.

What's it like coaching someone else's systems?

It's a little bit different, but as coaches in Bridgeport, we understand our roles. The philosophy between both clubs is the same. They have to play with passion, grit and they have to play the game smart. It's not a robotic game by any means. It's a read and reactionary game.

What type of communication will there be between the Islanders and Bridgeport during the season?

Teddy really wants to improve the communication between the two teams. There will be more times this year when our staff goes to Long Island or Teddy's staff comes to Bridgeport. It's important to have constant communication between the two teams.

How are the Sound Tigers shaping up this year?

The makeup of the team will be a little different this year. We have a little more size on our team, and we have more grit than last year. To win games you have to put pucks in the net as well. It's going to have to be an effort from everyone to be successful.

What's the competition like at Training Camp?

It's well known off the bat that there are spots available. Guys that train all summer and try to come in and earn a spot will be recognized. After a two weeks of competing hard there will be some tough decisions made.