Jiggs McDonald my Islander Hall of Fame Pick

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/21/2007 05:13:00 PM | |

Jiggs McDonald give an interview up at Islander camp which he's attending in preparation of calling some Islander games next month.

“It gets the juices going and makes you wish they would get the puck dropped for real and I could get back to the booth,” said McDonald, while watching the Islanders and Atlanta Thrashers battle it out in front of 4,100 fans.

* During the month of October, the 60-something McDonald will go extend his 38-year NHL broadcasting career, when he works games for Islanders TV.

“I shouldn’t feel this way. But every now and then, back in the recesses of my mind, I ask myself if I quit too early. Did I walk away with two, three, five more years left in me?” he said.

* Hockey Night in Canada broadcaster Bob Cole is now 72 years young, giving McDonald a sense he isn’t too old to still do the job.

“I was very surprised to see the commissioner at the game with the large entourage he brought with him to North Bay. But when you realize the relationship the NHL has with Hockey Night in Canada, it is their No.-1 outlet worldwide. So why not have him (Bettman) here? After the fact I think people might have wondered if he hadn’t shown up,” said McDonald.

* In preparation for his October ‘gig’ with the team, McDonald has logged significant time on the Internet, getting background on players and getting a sense of what kind of lineup the team will have.

* Having worked with both the Islanders and the then Atlanta Flames, McDonald was asked where his loyalty resided.

“With three Stanley Cup rings, definitely the Islanders. Those were really great days,” he said.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
I would take Jiggs back full time and dump Howie Rose in a second if that's what Jiggs McDonald wanted to do. Howie is always going to be known for being a Ranger and as an Msg employee paid to call Islander games, it is what it is.

How many people retired who do not owe the Islanders anything come back and do this for the club and it's fans?

Islanders could induct a lot of people into their new Hall of Fame that started last year with Bob Bourne. Bunch of players from the dynasty era that of course would all make great choices and some trendy picks like Pierre Tuergon who relate more to this generation of Islander fans.

My perspective no one deserves it more at this time than Jiggs who does not need this at all. He went all the way to the West Coast to call games last season (while Howie did not even show up during the Dodgers-Mets playoff with the Isles playing the Kings on an off day for baseball. Jiggs is up in camp this year to prepare himself to call our games he may not even get a chance to call. The city media is not even there to learn about our team and someone who may not even work is.

Put Jiggs McDonald in the Islander Hall of Fame this year, Mr Wang.