Joel Bouchard conditional signing, odds & ends.

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/02/2007 10:49:00 PM | | | | |
A Montreal Sports radio station CKAC did an interview with former Islander Joel Bouchard, who confirmed he signed a conditional contract with the Columbus Blue Jackets.

Spector's Hockey Claims from a fan rumor:
The way he spoke at CKAC radio was contract conditionnal to him making the club.

NYI Fan Central:
Islanders sure could have used the game he played in 2005-06 last season. Lost year of injuries for Bouchard. No idea what all these conditional items are with him signing or being signed, but good luck.

The complaining about the super series has gotten far more attention than the prpspects in articles here and here in some Sunday updates.

At this time Canada swept the games in Russia and lead four to nothing. The remaining games will be played in Canada, who needs one more victory to effectively win this beat of eight series.

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