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New York Islander Fan Central | 9/27/2007 09:08:00 AM |

Two months and we have had over five thousand visitors.

For a blog that is only two months old with only a handful of folks contacted a few days ago that is a heck of a response and again all I can do is thank everyone.

We seem to have a nice thing going here with a lot of page views, several e-mails from folks telling me how much they like the blog. Yesterday we had over fifty first time visitors to this blog and the usual hundred to hundred fifty page views which seems to be the avg most days with a few days topping out at around two hundred views or more.

I installed a little low grade message board for the forum (which is a nice way to say it did not cost anything) and put a link on the side of this blog for folks to subscribe and join so everyone could talk hockey. I'm going to keep adding hockey topics for comments but I would love to see some of our visitors come and start some hockey topics of their own.

It's a very quick and painless sign up process for the message board.

One of the best at updating prospects daily was kind enough to help out and my thanks to Mr Prospects with this because it's something I wanted to add to the forum since the beginning. His updates are always excellent.

Please don't be shy, sign up and let's get some good Islander hockey discussion's going. All I ask is your discussion is respectful so we can build a small but good group with quality Islander related or hockey topics and discussion.

Thank You again for all the support and kind e-mails and hope to see you on the board.