Players invited to Sound Tigers Camp

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Sound Tigers beatwriter Michael Fornabaio in his blog gives us a list of the players who will be part of Sound Tigers camp.

A few names were not on the list released by the Islanders the last few days.

*-Justin Bourne
*-Derek Damon
Jason Deleurme
*-Christian Gaudet
Micheal Haley
*-Tyler Haskins
Gregg Johnson
Keith Johnson
*-Olivier Labelle
Pascal Morency
Matt Scherer
Rob Sirianni
Kazuma Takahashi
Mitch Woods

Jeff Dwyer
Scott Ford
*-Martin Frechette
*-Jordan Hart
Sean Offers
Andy Sertich

A.J. Bucchino
Brett Jaeger
*-Mike Morrison

*-invited to NYI camp

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