Posting/Joining NYI Fan Central Message Board.

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/18/2007 10:49:00 PM |
Had a good question about the message board and frankly I have not done a very good job figuring out how things work at bravenet in terms of moderation and forum settings or how folks can find our board and post on it.

Setting the colors and layout was where I spent most of the time and that looks good. That said this is a free low grade message board with the pop ups. If it get's a big response I will explore other options.

If you want to post on the message board, it's relatively easy to sign up and do so.

* You do have to register at Bravenet:

No big deal, do not check boxes for ads, just create a screen name, respond to
the e-mail they send and your activated. Log in and come back to this blog and click on the message board link and you should be able to post.

* Or if you want to find this blog in the search engine that is very well hidden go to: once you join.

* Type in New York Islander Fan Central and that should give you the page the message board is on as well.

* No one can edit posts, myself included. But the price was right for a starter board to attach to a blog which means it did not cost anything.

* If you make a mistake I can only delete the entire message. Once you post you cannot go back and edit it, you can only start another message. Just tell me if you want something deleted.

If you do not want your e-mail address seen do not write it in. For now I'm going to keep all I.P's hidden which is one option I do have.

Any questions please contact me by responding here or via e-mail.

Thanks and sorry for not doing an update on this earlier because I should have.