Sopel situtation could be trend for Berard

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/29/2007 11:41:00 AM | | | |
For those who did not know former Islander Brent Sopel was invited to Red Wings camp on a tryout, played in the preseason and yesterday signed a contract with the Chicago Blackhawks for 1.5m and left the Wings.

Reportedly Detroit made two contract offers, Sopel refused to play another preseason game for the Wings because he was close to a deal with the Hawks, but traveled with Detroit to Toronto before leaving.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Just because Isles signed veterans like Park and Dunham in camp last season does not mean things are going to go the same with Berard. At this point the Islanders are not obligated to sign him and Berard's agent has every right to work a contract to find his client a job for the season. If he were given a contract offer to play for another club it would not be in his best interest to skate in a preseason game with the Islanders.

Season starts next Friday so the clock is ticking on this and with two games left Islanders must have an idea what they are going to do here. Is there a problem with negotiations where Berard wants more money and the Islanders do not want to overpay? I would guess to say he's had an acceptable training camp and preseason but the question has to be asked with the surplus of defenders do the Islanders decide against offering a contract regardless.

Berard has been injury prone and is a huge signing risk for anyone, including the Islanders but if Sopel got 1.5m a team could step up and offer him an incentive contract at or around a million or more.

Either way Islanders need to make a decision here and sign Berard or let him find a job somewhere else.