Wednesday Media Spin Game...

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Nothing like living in Baseball's largest market, surfing the articles and seeing absolutely nothing on hockey here while the excitement for the training camp has begun and even damage control in some cases regarding Saku Koivu's comments regarding the Canadians Cup chances here and suspended Leafs forward Mark Bell's possible reinstatement here.

What's interesting here for me is the same publications in Canada spin-doctoring for players on the local teams have no problem ripping Jeremy Roenick who signed with the San Jose Sharks yesterday.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Impossible to disagree with the downside and off ice commentary from Roenick and more than a fair discussion to bring it up given several poor seasons. Having said that Koivu speaks out on the Habs realistic chances of winning the cup and immediatetly the spin is on from Gainey and the Habs, while Howard Berger in Toronto is already telling us Mark Bell could be back before the season starts with quotes from select Leafs?

Fair question to ask here if Roenick signed in Toronto and Bell was traded to San Jose from would the spin be the opposite? Imagine if Alexei Yashin made the same statement Koivu did about the Islanders in previous seasons?

As brought up in earlier blogs, former Islander Pierre Turgeon is expected to announce his retirement today.

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