10/10: New York vs Rangers 7pm Versus

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Again combining the game preview with the news articles.

Feels like Islanders are playing the Minnesota Wild tonight with all the lack of hype from the media on all sides in our baseball centric market.

Twenty years ago even in early October this would get hype reserved around here for Yankees-Red Sox for days in advance.

Islanders Website: Has the early preview of tonight's game.

Newsday: Greg Logan's article speculates about the defense and if Berard can get into the lineup for tonight. Comments from Nolan and Guerin. More important is Jon Sim is out indefinitely and was hurt because of the poor Coliseum ice surface before he went knee first into the boards.

"If he comes in, someone has to come out," Nolan said. "That's the tough part about our job. He has enough experience to carry him over, but we have to make sure we're fair with him and put him in a good situation where he's ready to play as opposed to hoping he's ready."

Berard, who played only 11 games with Columbus last season after recovering from back surgery and has played a total of 55 over the past two seasons, can't wait to get going. "I've missed enough hockey in the last two years," Berard said yesterday. "The team's playing well right now, so, I don't know if they're going to want to shake up the lineup or what. But I'd like to be in the lineup, especially against the Rangers. I feel like I had a good camp and showed them what I can do."

Newsday: Steve Zipay's Ranger centric coverage is about Strudwick or Staal in the lineup for Paul Mara and his 3m contract as they shuffle lines for tonight's game.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio had an article about the new uniforms and what some of the Sound Tiger players think of them.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Tough stretch here with a game tomorrow night against a team that lost 7-1 and will come out very angry tomorrow so things could snowball fast with a loss tonight.

Islanders have to get some scoring here from not only the top line but the second line whether Tambellini, Bergenheim or anyone else is on it. Does Nolan go seven defenders tonight which he does not seem to want to do and defeat the purpose of Bootland here for Simon? Rangers trapping defense only allowed two goals against Ottawa and one against Florida.

Updated 12:10pm:
Islanders Website: Reports Berard will be in tonight's lineup.