10/13: Philadelphia vs New York FSN-2 7pm

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Islanders Website: Has the pregame for tonight's game against the Flyers which is their home opener after a long trip to the West Coast. Jesse Boulerice begins serving his twenty five game suspension.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Hard to say what's going to happen here. Season opener for Flyers after a long trip west usually means a sluggish team but they bombed Luongo and the Canucks 8-2, was that who the Flyers are or the club that lost some games on the coast? Same questions for the Islanders, are they the club that beat Buffalo or the one who self destructed against a very fragile Leaf team.

Islanders have the edge in goal, that I do know. Now it's up to them to work hard and generate some chances while getting back to some defense. I don't think Raycroft who's one of the worst goalies in the NHL had to make one good save Thursday.

Newsday: If this Neil Best blog update recently on Jiggs McDonald is correct he will be calling tonight's game.

Updated 4:30pm
Islanders Chris Botta's blog: Reports (with a disclaimer) Bergeron will likely be tonight's scratch on defense with Johnson and that Bergenheim will move up to the second line with Vasicek and Satan.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
As anyone who has read this blog going back to it's beginning/previews know I think Bergenheim had the best NHL game for right now to this point comparing him with Tambellini and some of the other prospects. I'm happy he's getting a look on the second line but please let's not spin this like he earned it by great play recently.

Bergenheim threw a hit that led to the Islanders only setup for a goal by a forward combo this week against Washington but he barely played against the Rangers and was benched by Nolan for a lazy penalty against Toronto.

In other words he is getting a look now because Tambellini did not do enough and went down for Bootland to play on a fourth line with Simon and Park. Nolan can praise his work through camp and how he pays attention but it is what it is.

I just hope it works out and sticks for the long-term like it worked for a higher first round pick in Raffi Torres when he went to Edmonton and got a chance.

Sound Tiger Website: Has a game preview for tonight's game at Lowell. Check site for radio and internet webcast of game.