Adrian Aucoin talks about Islander fans.

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Calgary Sun: Randy Sportak had some interesting comments from Adrian Aucoin about Islander fans going into his first game as a Calgary Flame against the Edmonton Oilers.

"New York was crazy. The fans, the atmosphere," Aucoin said. "There's fights in the stands, fights outside the building before. It's a whole different world.

"I know I haven't experienced anything like that elsewhere. I know this is a good battle on the ice, but people come to watch hockey, not to fight.

"In New York, people go to those games just to get in fights. "There are kids that when they go to Islander games, it's the only (time) they're allowed to say a bad word, 'Rangers suck,' " he said. "Their parents will say, 'You can say it at that game, and that's it.' "

NYI Fan Central Comments:
I have been going to games for over thirty years and never met anyone who went to a game who wanted to personally get into a fight or saw a fight outside before a game at Msg or the Colisum, especially at these prices.

I wonder if Aucoin said these things to the parents when he was here if he felt that way or management who in that era played the chicken dance at the Coliseum. (which returned recently)

Sure there are fights at games sometimes but it's not more pronounced then for other league wide rivalry games. New York City and Nassau County did not have riots like Vancouver did when they lost a cup final either.

Islanders went 0-6 against the Rangers in Aucoin's final year here and in one Msg game was a pathetic minus six before he signed in Chicago after the lockout and was injured for the better part of two years what was the point in saying this about today about the New York hockey fan?