Another Scott Burnside Disaster

New York Islander Fan Central | 10/11/2007 01:06:00 PM | |
Thought today would be a good clean up day on Scott Burnside of Espn who decided to rank all NHL coaches.

Espn: Scott Burnside ranks the NHL coaches according to his own standards. Nolan was listed as number twelve.

NYI Fan Cenrtal Comments:
Top to bottom the usual shoddy job from Burnside.

So let me get this straight:

Burnside picks the Islanders at the bottom going into last season after his usual rip job on the Islanders. They have a ninety two point season with a lot of injuries and lose two one goal games to the club that won the President's Trophy in the playoffs, lose the other game by two goals after a tying goal for the Islanders was disallowed in the final two minutes and Ted Nolan is only twelve despite many mentioning him for the Jack Adams last season at times and after him calling some of the players malcontents?

To say nothing of his work in Buffalo?

Meanwhile Tom Renney who's club regressed from the previous year by about ten points who had only two more points than the Islanders and only won once in eight regulation head to head games last year is seventh, even though Jagr refused to take part in shootouts?

How did Peter Laviolette finish third for winning game seven of a final and Craig Mac Tavish finish fifteenth after both their clubs had terrible seasons a year ago?

Jacques Martin, who has been a diaster in Florida was ranked fourteenth? Alain Vigneault won the Jack Adams and was only ranked fifth. Yes, he had Luongo as his goalie but go ask Martin if that made a difference in Florida?

What was it Andy Murray did again last year to finish tenth over Ted Nolan besides not make the playoffs in Los Angeles or St Louis besides get a glowing off season review from Scott Burnside.

The bad news, Scott Burnside get's to write and be read/seen on because our sport deserves better. The good news, Scott Burnside's preseason predictions usually turn out just as incorrect and once in a while his work can be put under the spotlight for fans to be critical of when merited.

Oh yes, Burnside had a far different perspective on Gretzky's coaching ability
here a few seasons ago.