Hockey Hypocrisy: Dale Hunter vs Jesse Boulerice

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Maybe it's because Holmgren thanked his suspened player by exposing him to waivers he was never placed on for hitting an official, maybe it's because the Islanders are playing the Capitals or I saw something on Pierre Turgeon being hit by someone who instructs prospects for a living today as a coach but it's clear the hyopcrisy in the NHL has never been worse.

Seems to me it does come down to being politically correct in the job you are in vs past actions in many cases.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Funny how the same people who write and say one thing at one time say the exact opposite at others. Is there any reason folks are confused and why incidents like the one with Jesse Boulerice keep happening?

Are these going to be the same Islander fans who were furious when Chris Simon fought Dave Scathcard while he could not fight in a shoulder harness back in 03-04 going to have a different perspective if Simon fights Scatchard someday in a Ranger uniform?

What I find fascinating is how many of these people who instigate these things or praise the players for being warriors in the past teach hockey today or are involved with team management. Milbury was infamous for being in fight's like this and was a selling point when he was hired by the Bruins and Islanders.

Are we goint to be reading this from an NHL gm someday about Jesse Boulerice?

Washington Post: Jennifer Frey from 1998.

"I was really hoping that he could have carried the trophy at home the other night," McPhee said. "I don't get too wound up at games, but I wanted to win it at home and I wanted Dale Hunter to hold it.

"I am very proud and happy for Dale. They don't come any better than that guy, and the way he plays — they just don't come any better. He's been a great role model for this team."

NYI Fan Central Comment:
George McPhee is still general manager of the Washington Capitals. In 1999 as gm he was suspended for a month by the league for a fight with then BlackHawks coach
Lorne Molleken.

New York Times: Joe LaPointe 10/1/99 article.

''I have a lot of respect for Gary,'' McPhee said. ''An executive should not be involved in a physical confrontation. I'm sorry for the incident, but I will never regret standing up for the organization or for what I think is right for the league.''

This article also noted Ted Nolan and Colin Campbell almost fought when he coached the Rangers during Nolan's time as Sabres coach.

The Sporting News: Bruce Schoenfeld from 3/21/94.

"He'll come out every night and skate every single shift to the fullest," says Philadelphia center Dave Tippett, a former Washington teammate "I've seen him from both sides, and I can say that there's not a team in the league that wouldn't want him."

NYI Fan Central Comment:
Dave Tippett is currently the head coach of the Dallas Stars. Staff report.

"We're by no means condoning what happened," Flyers coach John Stevens said after the team announced the suspension. "He's going to have to stand up and pay the price."

Flyers general manager Paul Holmgren echoed the same sentiment.

"I think we're in agreement that there's no place in the game for this anymore. I do think it was an isolated incident. Jesse lost his composure, lost his cool. It's something that's not the right thing to do, at any time," he said.

NHLPA: Website profile of Paul Holmgren.

Holmgren certainly was the center of some controversial situations, including a six-game suspension for clubbing Carol Vadnais with his stick during a game against the New York Rangers. Advocates of Holmgren said he was simply an aggressive player, while those less charitable said he was nothing more than a goon. Holmgren landed himself in more trouble with the NHL when he took a swing at referee Andy Van Hellemond after a nasty on-ice incident with Pittsburgh's Paul Baxter. In Holmgren's eyes, he was angry that Van Hellemond had not called a penalty on Baxter, who had high-sticked Holmgren, leaving him unable to move his jaw for the better part of a week.

"That's the worst thing I've ever done," Holmgren said. "I hope the people believe me when I say I'm sorry for what happened."

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Funny, but you were not put on waivers for your actions?

Hockey Hypocrisy at it's finest.