Islanders early trends by the numbers

New York Islander Fan Central | 10/23/2007 02:31:00 PM | | | : Among countless websites that complies the NHL stats for teams and players I thought today would be a good day to take a look at the early trends for the Islanders by the numbers.

For anyone who has been following this blog I have pointed out several times the Islanders pp to penality last season was a ridiclous minus ninety and this is what I have found:

* So far to this point the Islanders again are among the teams with the highest pp to penalty disparity at minus eight 36-44.

* Toronto, Atlanta and Calgary right now are the only clubs with a worse disaprity and except for Atlanta all have played more games than the Islanders. For many teams the trends are more penalities taken, more powerplays drawn (Anaheim) less penalties taken, less powerplays drawn (Tampa) but games played this early in the season also have to be considered.

* Of all the clubs who have taken more than 44 penalties only Atlanta at 35 powerplay's have drawn less than the Islanders.

* Islanders are one of only thirteen clubs below fifty percent on faceoff percentage.

* Best trend to this point is the powerplay and penalty kill percentage with the Islanders at the top of the league in both departments at 27.8 on the powerplay and 90.9 on the pk.

* Worst trend to this point is the plus minus on a club that was one of the best at even strength a year ago and had to be with it's powerplay to penalty disparity, most of the roster is in negative numbers and it goes beyond the 8-1 loss at Toronto.

* Also for a club that did not lose a game they led going into the third peirod they have lost one game they did lead going into the third (Washington) and have blown one and two goals leads in the third peirod but recovered to win.

In terms of individual numbers:
* Bergenheim is the only regular forward who does not have a negative rating and is even on the season. Andy Hilbert is the lowest rated forward at minus four.

* Guerin is leading the club in shots by a wide margin with thirty, Hunter has twenty two while Comrie has only sixteen shots on goal and scored on five.

* Unlike last season the club is getting it's scoring from it's defense where last year until the Bergeron trade the club had around fourteen total goals at the trade deadline.