NHL Team Store opens in Manhattan

New York Islander Fan Central | 10/12/2007 02:29:00 PM | | | | | |

NHL.com: Announced the opening of it's new team store today in Manhattan.

Goring, Carins are among the Islanders on hand to sign autographs along with the Stanley Cup.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
I knew about this for a while, just forgot about it until Goring and Cairns were there for autographs today and then decided to post it.

Pictures look nice on the league website of the store but to place a store like this inside the baseball capital of the World just makes no sense. On top of that you can bet Gerry Cosby with his store inside Msg is very unhappy about this and I'm sure it's not going to help the Islanders team store sales either.

Starbucks alone should do enough business to keep the place running for a few years.

I would have put the store in the NHL markets that do the most business in terms of fan support and that would be Buffalo or Pittsburgh who combined to sell out an 80,000 seat football stadium for a hockey game in a day. People in New York City purchase Yankee and Met items, not Ovechkin, DiPietro, Jagr or Crosby jersey's for hundreds of dollars.

If I can get a Cairns or Goring picture, I will post it.