Prudential Center and the Islanders

New York Islander Fan Central | 10/18/2007 03:25:00 PM | | | |

Devils Website: Has some great images of the Prudential Center that will host the Devils opener in nine days.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Cannot wait to go catch a game in a modern NHL facility in NY area. Article I read the other day clocked it at seven minutes from Penn Station to the station next to the Prudential Center.

Looks fantastic in the pictures and even though as an Islander fan I'm envious of the Devils for getting not only a brand new arena the Islanders should have gotten for only 150m plus profits from other events, I'm also very happy for them at the same time and should be an incetive for Nassau County to approve the Wang-Rechler plan.

This is fun for all local fans too. Last modern hockey arena to open here was the Brendan Byrne Arena (Meadowlands/CAA) in the early eighties. I did see the only All-Star game there and was disappointed Mike Bossy did not play if I recall corectly.

I read one article the other day by a die-hard Ranger writer that came off a bit on the jealous side because the Garden is old and outdtated or because it took shots at the Devils attendance. I have to admit I hope Wang turns around puts up a New Coliseum if his plan is approved and quietly scraps the renovataion. The land is there to build a new Coliseum while the current one is used while it's under construction.

The Yankees advertised scaling down Yankee Stadium when plans were announced but a few months later very quietly altered those plans and decided the current ballpark would be torn down entirely which got almost no media attention.

Either way this is the first of many stadium/arena's about to open locally and hopefully that will provide the right policitical climate for the Islanders to get what they need.

This is good for hockey in this market. Only wish the Islanders were the opposition opening night.