A quick NYI Fan Central Update

New York Islander Fan Central | 10/07/2007 09:28:00 AM |

I have gotten a few questions about the blog the last few days and wanted to answer directly here to save time.

* I have changed the news format somewhat to clean up the way articles and commentary are presented here. I feel it's important to credit all newspapers and sources while only quoting part of their work as I give my own commentary when I feel like it. With everything here I'm always looking to improve the blog and will keep experimenting.

* The message board is very easy to join, I would not have picked Bravenet if it were not so because I want it to be easy for myself. From day one my plan there was for a small group of diehards and it will take some time. Hopefully the folks visiting here want to talk hockey there and it catches on. Mr Prospects has been kind enough to do updates on the club's prospects so we have something there that folks can enjoy and I'll keep adding topics for folks to contribute to if they are not sure if they want to start a topic of their own.

* I have toned down some of Mr Botta's and Mr Witt's blog coverage in my blog because New York Islander Fan Central is not affiliated with the club. This blogger is not interested in promoting ticket sales or will do any advertising for the Islanders. In other words some of their blogs make for good discussion here while others are more their own and the same goes for the Islanders website. Either way I enjoy their contribution and have linked it to the page so all their work is available to our visitors.

* Finally, I do not believe in fan rumors from blogs or low grade message boards until a credible new source inside the media confirms it. Not a knock on anyone but for this blog the information does not have to be first but it does have to be correct every single time. I never want to put information on this blog based on fan speculation or rumor. I can do plenty of my own speculation based on rumor but to tell you something happened and is done I want it confirmed from a credible news source first. Not a fan blog, not my own blog.

Thanks again to all the folks who come here and visit.