What Islanders-Sound Tigers meant to me

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I did a brief message today on the old Islanders-Sound Tigers mailing list about the blog being added to the Islanders website and invited everyone who was part of the list to join the blog and message board here and looked back at the messages and found the final message which I wanted to re post here which was from May 2006.

I was always concerned I did not thank everyone enough for seven great years on my mailing list and was not sure how to contact a list yahoo claims still has 174 members to this day about the new blog and board so I thought I would go back to my final message to them and re post it here.

Anyway here is the unedited message from May 2006:

All good things must come to an end, which brings me to my farewell to all of

I have been putting together this final message for a while now like
kind of the thoughts I would post here after a game, except this one
would be the toughest one of all for me.

How do you recap seven years on a mailing list where you really do not know the
folks who are reading this but hope your doing your best for them? How do I say
thank you to everyone for taking the time to join or read the messages or post

I guess I can start by telling everyone that you kept me going when I needed it
most. I would be less than honest if I did not admit many times I was tired or
busy at work, that after long days/nights I was exhausted/busy and the last
thing I wanted to do was talk about a hockey game or research newspaper articles
for the next day, but someone would write something about the game or tell me
how much they liked this place, and to me it just felt like this is where I was
supposed to be. I counted on you and the folks here never let me down, as Mike
put so wonderfully the other day this list was like a friend you could count on,
so how could I let you down?

We have had so many quality members here over the seven years, I think you know
who you are and all I can say is how much I appreciated your kind words, your
hockey insight and your words of praise for my efforts here, I will miss you all
very much and I cannot Thank You enough.

I can also tell you that your contribution made this list
special. Some only reached out to me privately, others posted and shared their
thoughts. Whether we agreed or not, everyone who posted made the list better for
their efforts and I became a better hockey fan thanks to you.

We saw a lot here and a lot changed in my life over seven years as a person and
as a hockey fan, my family and I grew up around this list and when I think of
them as they get older I will think of this place and the people who it special.

This list began in September 1999, I had seven wonderful years, we saw some
tough times on the ice but we also saw some fantastic times that I will always

I saw the Islanders finally give me a season to remember in 2002 when the club
returned to the post-season and showed why we have the greatest fans in sports
who do live and die with this team like no other fans, the sounds of the
Coliseum rocking again will stay with me forever.

What can I say about the Bridgeport Sound Tigers? This team was part of our list
since it's inception and it's been nothing less than an honor covering them on
this mailing list for me. From the announcement of a franchise to construction
of Harbor Yard to Raffi Torres ot goal against Hamilton, to the final game
against Wilkes-Barre, it's been a great ride here with the Sound Tigers, the only thing better than the hockey were the people kind enough to come here and let's us get to talk some hockey with them.

Finally I can tell you when the New York Islanders do win their next Stanley Cup
on that day I will think of this place and the people here. The same will also
go for the Sound Tigers who gave me a great first season and a franchise that is
only just beginning, you will have a Calder Cup to celebrate in Bridgeport
someday, for me it will be like a Stanley Cup on that day.

Thank You so much for everything.