Where do they get these SI writers?

New York Islander Fan Central | 10/15/2007 02:17:00 PM | | |
SI.com Daren Eliot, a long time NHL writer for SI today does an article on how the tough guys in the league now have to produce to see the ice and that the role of the fighter is changing among other NHL subjects.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
What caught me in this article was the following by Eliot:
Even Simon made the switch from puncher only to tough guy who could also take a regular shift.

Timeout. Anyone who follows hockey knows Simon has always been more than a guy who fights and has been going back to his days with the Capitals. The kicker here is in Eliot's own article after he wrote this it shows a picture and mentions in the caption Simon was +17 last season and scored 29 goals for the Capitals in 1999-00.

Basically the caption writer contradicted Eliot in his own article and knew more than the writer about someone who's been in the league over a decade.

So my question is what switch did Simon make that Eliot is referring to or was he so lazy here he simply lumped him in with other players because his record suspension just ended and wanted to include him somewhere?

Daren Eliot is not some baseball writer who does two hockey articles a year, this is someone who covers hockey on a regular basis for SI. If Simon had Eric Godard's scoring stats for his career then he would have a good point if Godard started scoring for the Calgary Flames.

Is this kind of lazy reporting that fans read and buy into.