11/12: New York at Philadelphia 7pm FSN

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Islanders Website/AP: Have the preview for tonight's game against the Philadelphia Flyers.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Let's get the 800lb gorilla out of the room.

* Islanders have not won five games in a row since the start of the 2002 season.
* Bill Guerin may miss a game or more here.
* Islanders are playing a team that is not playing with the pressure of it's home opener coming off a long west coast trip this time.
* Islanders are playing a team that jumped all over Pittsburgh with it's pp in their last game and are settling in at home.
* Satan's carried the offense, a lot of players have to step up here for the first time all season and finish some chances.
* Islanders do not usually excel in situations where they have a margin for error, in fact it's games like this they historically lose big.
* What's a road game much less on a Monday after a schedule that's been more like an NFL schedule for a month?

Now that I got all that out of the way:
* I expect the Islanders to be shorthanded in this game and will have to step up and shut down a hot power play.

* Last game in Philadelphia the Islanders did everything but tie the game and were the better third period team.

* Laat game for the most part the Islanders contained the Flyers offense and kept the pressure off.

This is a statement game to me. Win or lose I want to see a big effort here from the club, some players step up and produce and a club that can compete with what is considered a contending team in their division in their building.

Sillinger, Hilbert, Comrie, Guerin (if he plays) have to finish a few and do their part on the score sheet.

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