11/12: NYI Fan Central Update

New York Islander Fan Central | 11/12/2007 06:46:00 PM |

As always my thanks to everyone who has visited, e-mailed or posted in the topics.

A few more small changes to the site were made for those interested.

* I have created a new e-mail account for the site. It is nyifancentral@yahoo.com for those wishing to contact me. I will still respond to the old one for those who have it but I have removed it from the site.

* I have finally been able to enhance the link to the message board for those who do not know we have a message board attached to this blog. Anyone interested in talking about the games or talking about their own Islander-NHL related topics feel free to join the free little low grade board.

* A new live scoreboard has been incorporated above the upcoming games so folks can come here to get the scores. The team pages are well updated with full stats.

* The Al Arbour tribute header keeps getting moved around. I finally found a home for it above the news articles.

* More tweaking of the news feeders are constantly being done.

* I did put in a Grizzlies section with the teams primary paper linked to a feeder for the person who asked. I also have the website and the ECHL site.

* Ct Post and TSN still do not have feeds so all I can do is put up a link to the article page. Mr Fornabaio's Soundin Off page does have a feeder link here.

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