11/6: New York vs Rangers 7pm Versus

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AP/Islanders website: Has an early preview of tonight's game against the Rangers.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
The over saturation of the Islanders-Rangers rivalry continues tonight at Nassau Coliseum, this game does seem to be a let down after Saturday.

No word on who replaces Johnson or anything on Bates, Bergenheim or Berard or a goaltender being called up if necessary. To this point Ben Walter is still with the club and DiPietro's playing status will be determined after the morning skate.

My guess is DiPietro will play but with no game until Saturday and Dubie more than capable of stealing a game if there is any doubt at all Dubie should start.

Islanders are going to have to get into the trenches and break the Rangers trap or it could be a long night if they fall behind because they are more then content to let Lundqvist stop thirty saves on low percentage shots. Nolan's forwards have to wear them down and make the defense work to move the puck, on offense they have to get players in front of Lundqvist or Valiquette.

Make no mistake Rangers play a heck of a good trap these days that is limiting quality shots against and generating a lot of quality chances for them but is very boring to watch for sixty minutes. That written if it's working they have no reason to change anything because it's successful and it protects what is already a talented goaltender on a very good team to begin with. This is their third game in four nights and last night was a physical game with Philadelphia. Rangers will be more than content to play a 2-1 or 1-0 game but also have the talent and confidence to blow the Islanders out of the building if they are not sharp.

Another 0-6 perimeter power play like on Saturday and the Islanders are not going to win here and I would not count on many more bounces off the end boards this time.

Islanders are 7-4 with games in hand and need a win or points here to maintain their standing and put pressure on Philadelphia.

Updated 11am:
Media Blog: Cory Witt reported Tim Jackman practiced with the Islanders today.

Updated 1pm:
Newsday: Greg Logan updated his blog and reported Rick DiPietro will start tonight. Berard and Bergenheim could return by Saturday. He promises another blog later today on Al Arbour night for those interested.