Impress me Colin Campbell

New York Islander Fan Central | 11/30/2007 12:31:00 PM | | | | |

If Colin Campbell is really interested in preventing injuries it's hits like this he has to give out suspensions for and set a precedent. Orr got four minutes for this, he clearly he was going for Comrie's head with his elbow and just missed his jaw.

The league should review it. If Comrie had to be carried off he would have been ejected and then we would have seen Campbell do something. And if it were Comrie doing it to Orr the same precedent has to be set. Injury or not Colin Campbell has to hold players accountable for actions like this, not just when the Flyers injure players on the Boston Bruins.

Sure seemed like Hollweg was going after Martinek's stitches. Billy Jaffe is a former player he knows when someone is trying to go after a players injury. Howie Rose has seen enough hockey to know immediately when it's intentional and said it also during the telecast.

I'm sure folks by now know Howie Rose and Billy Jaffe are paid Msg employees, they do not work for the Islanders.