DiPietro practices, Baumbach bombs

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Newsday: Greg Logan returned and reported in his blog Rick DiPietro practiced and was pleased with the way he performed. Aaron Johnson suffered an unspecified injury to his right knee in a collision with Brendan Witt. Nolan declined to say who might be called up if Johnson can’t play.

Newsday: Jim Baumbach who did not cover Saturday's game or event has a hard time accepting the fact that Al Arbour gets credit for the win, writes his presence was completely ceremonial and contacted NHL spokesman Frank Brown & Craig Campbell to see if his record or his plaque at the Hall of Fame would be changed.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Jim Baumbach first put out his disclaimer Al Arbour Night seemed to be loads of fun to see him behind the players on the bench provided what had to be an emotional lift and sports needs nights like these. Then he dumped all over the greatest coach or manager in the history of New York Sports outside of Casey Stengel.

That said if he tried this in a Canadian City with a Hall of Fame player or coach he or his editor would be out of a job.

I guess Mr Baumbach needed some attention at the paper or wanted a reaction and my guess is it will come from not only the fans but the organization. He does a perfect job confirming my last blog on media that just does the job required and at times does go out of it's way to keep things negative and in this case seemingly vindictive.

Baumbach did all he could to compare the New York Islanders with a lot of teams and individual accomplishments that do not come close to matching what Al Arbour's Islanders accomplished that are still standing records today for all of professional sports.

First Mark Herrmann makes one angle on the alumni a story for Arbour to comment on now this?

Ted Nolan said what led him to do this since last summer. It was billed as Al Arbour coming back to coach a 1500Th game against a top team which could have beaten the Islanders as badly as Carolina did with Arbour behind the bench.

As for Mr Bambach's claims maybe this is going to start a trend in sports the Islanders should be setting the trend because they set the standard and to this day still hold it. Same thing that was behind Bill Torrey and Al Arbour dressing Bobby Nystrom for one shift for his milestone.

Thanks Jim Baumbach of Newsday for confirming my previous blog on the media correct.

To answer Mr Baumbach the Islanders can do this because they set the standard.