Islander News Articles 11/27:

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Newsday: Greg Logan's recap is on the lack of scoring and Satan's play that led to the tying goal.

"I don't sense any frustration on the team yet," Satan said. "Our record is fine, and there's enough experience and grit on this team to go through that."

"Bergeron has a pretty hard shot," Satan said. "If it's not a goal, you get a hard bounce. That's what happened, and Mike [Comrie] came off the puck and tied up the defense and the puck was loose for me."

Newsday: Greg Logan's other article is on the Islanders rolling three lines, Marc Andre Bergeron's not being just a powerplay specialists, when Shawn Bates could play and Fedotenko being used on the second line.

"If there's a week to put him in, this would be the week," Nolan said of Bates, who hasn't played an NHL game since January. "We could play seven on defense for a while, but we can't do it for any length of time. We have to get four lines going. With our schedule right now, we need more forwards."

"We don't want him to be a one-dimensional guy to kind of come in and fix the power play," Nolan said. "That's like a DH: If you don't hit the ball, you don't get to play. So he has to be much more, and he's very capable of doing it." ..

NY Post: Dan Martin was permitted to cover the game and got reaction from Ted Nolan, Mike Comrie and Brendan Witt.

"It's real frustrating," Mike Comrie said. "We've had so many close chances. Goals that you think are in, don't cross the line . . . chances you'd like to have back."

The defense was strong again, which is enough for Brendan Witt.
"It'll come," the defenseman said of the offense. "The main thing is we're playing well defensively."

NY Times: Dave Caldwell of course did not cover the game but did do a feature about where the goal judges have been relocated in the arena and why they are no longer in the front row behind the goals.

“We know it’s a tradition, and it was not something we take lightly, but in the end, we decided it was better for the customers,” said Chris Botta, an Islanders spokesman.

Daily News: Brian Bohl covered the game for the Daily News.

"It's really important we scored on the power play and held their power play to zero," Nolan said. "That's a big difference and one of the reasons why we got the point."

Dallas Morning News & Ft Worth Star Telegram: Has the Dallas Star coverage on their win.