Islander News Articles 11/4: DiPietro update

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Newsday: Anthony Rieber has reaction on an incredible night and Rick DiPietro's eye injury.

"It was an electric atmosphere," Trent Hunter said. "It was a lot of fun for the guys. We were grateful to get that win for him."

"It feels really great," Arbour said afterward, "but I didn't really do that much."

Newsday: Mark Herrmann blogged at 1:40am, reported on DiPietro and wrote the tribute was dynamic and not a museum piece that made the game anticlimactic. He felt current players and today's fans were an active part of the show, not just witnesses with Pat Lafontaine
saying on his way to a reception afterward, we have not seen the likes of this anywhere else in sports.

Newsday: Former Islander Patrick Flatley tells some incredible stories about Al Arbour and how hard he pushed him to make him a better player that falls along the lines of the Arbour/Potvin bus story in 1975.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
I never heard these stories before on the Arbour-Flatley relationship, fantastic stuff.

Newsday: Mark Herrmann does an article on what Al Arbour means to the Islanders along with a lot of great quotes from former teammates and Scott Bowman.

NY Times: Joshua Robinson covered the game for the Times.

NY Post: In a big shocker Larry Brooks covered the Islander game and put up a good article and praised the Islanders for putting on a great show. He praised Al Arbour, the alumni and talked of the history but as always Brooks fails to understand the Islanders are not the problem, the New York Post and their poor hockey coverage in the New York market is the problem. He questioned if DiPietro had vision problems before quoting the teams statement on the goaltenders health.

"For me, being an Islander now, this represents what the organization has done, and what we're capable of doing as we go forward," said captain Billy Guerin. "We're all happy to be here, we all want to play here. This is a franchise with such a rich tradition. We all want to do our part in carrying it forward.

"We wanted to win this one really badly. We wanted to win this one for him."

NY Post: Larry Brooks in the no good dead goes unpunished department of course does not talk more of Al Arbour in his regular Sunday NHL column but instead questions why Neil Smith's contract status with the Islanders still has not been settled.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Larry Brooks national past time and one of his favorite kinds of articles. Shots at Gary Bettman, a little airing of dirty Islander laundry on a day that it's not an updated story and not single quote from anyone with new information. This could have been written at any time in the last year so why now?

Daily News: Mike Lupica writes
Al Arbour was the same model of class and consistency and excellence when he was winning four Stanley Cups with the Islanders as Joe Torre was winning four World Series with the Yankees.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Absolutely true, but make no mistake, the New York Islanders did not have a two hundred million dollar payroll advantage to slaughter most of the competition long before the games were played on the field. Joe Torre was a model of class long before he became Yankee manager. Al Arbour could have went to a lot of teams on the rise after his first tenure as coach and written his own ticket and won more Stanley Cups but the Yankees will never be anything like the family concept that the Islander franchise is all about which is why he came back and why Joe Torre has moved on to another team again.

Point Blank: Chris Botta Saturday in his blog tells a wonderful story from the heart on Al Arbour attending his father's funeral days after Al Arbour's retirement night in 1997 and the pin which I still have from that night.

Daily News: Peter Botte covered the game and reported DiPietro told Ted Nolan by telephone before he arrived at the doctor's office that he thought he'd be fine in very limited space.

Canadian Press: Reports Islanders spokesman Chris Botta said DiPietro did not suffer a severe eye injury, but was taken from the arena to the office of team ophthalmologist Dr. Bruce Zagelbaum for an evaluation and remained in the building until post-game ceremonies honouring Hall of Fame coach Al Arbour were completed.

Nolan hugged DiPietro before the goalie left the building.

"I just asked him how he was and he said he was all right," captain Bill Guerin said.

Updated 12:15am:
Islanders website: Reported Rick DiPietro received the news from the team's medical staff that Rick DiPietro did not suffer any permanent damage to his eye but a facial contusion and cuts near the right eye. An examination late Saturday evening with team ophthalmologist Dr. Bruce Zagelbaum confirmed DiPietro did not any serious damage to the eye.

For now, DiPietro will be listed as day-to-day and the team expects to have its next update on Monday afternoon.

Pittsburgh Post Gazette: Dave Molinary wondered if it was like old times from the Pens side of things on the night Arbour made a 60-minute comeback predictable.

"Maybe it was the hockey gods," Penguins forward Ryan Malone said.

Pittsburgh Post Gazette: Dave Molinary also had quotes from defender Rob Scuderi who is from Syosset about Al Arbour.

Pittsburgh Tribune Review: Rob Rossi has the Penguin centric coverage and knew very well about the Islanders history against Pittsburgh.

Sound Tigers Website: Has full recap on the game.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio reports on the Sound Tigers 4-1 win against the Hershey Bears Saturday night. Jeff Tambellini had a goal and three assist in the win.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio's blog talks about how many shots Bridgeport gave up for the win tonight.

Patriot News: Has the Bears centric coverage.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Sound Tigers again face Steve Stirling's Norfolk Admirals Sunday at home today in a 4pm start which is their third game in three days.