NYI Fan Central Live Blogging vs Devils.

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NYI FAN Central will get a piece of the rock and do a live blog tonight during the game from my blog box:

Live updates begin at 7:10pm when the puck drops:
No Paul Martin for Devils.
Guerin goes back with Fedotenko and Comrie, Hunter back to Sillinger line with Hilbert, Park will center fourth line with Jackman and Simon.

Elias moves to center, Asham starts game on fourth line left wing.

Brodeur vs DiPietro
First Period:

* Devils quick icing.
* Guerin finds Fedotenko for two side angle shots, stopped by Brodeur, good opening shift.
* Hunter went for centering pass had lane to net.
* Martinek good block of odd man rush.
* Save DiPietro on backhand shot, first whistle.

* Parise long shot, save DiPietro, no screen.
* Campoli point shot off Bergenheim pass, save Brodeur, good screen.
* Good tie up by Campoli on centering pass by Devils, icing Islanders.
* Giveaway by Devils, Jackman gave it right back.
* Clarkson vs Jackman fight-Decision Clarkson who got in a punch or two with free arm and take down.

* Pelley second good setup, Guerin shot wide, choppy play. Martink shot blocked.
* Hilbert soft shot stopped from bad angle.
* Gionta shot tipped over net.
* Bad angle shot by Satan stopped and held by Brodeur.
* Eleven minutes left in 1st.

* Park gets shift in Bergenheim's spot. Gionta good shot, Devils second good chance stopped by DiPietro.
* Comrie line some pressure, no shot.
* Parise wrap-around stopped that hits post, Devils picking up play and skating, offsides.
* 8:10 left in first.

* Guerin poor angle shot, rebounds hits Comrie for a much tougher second save.
* Jackman good forecheck but no shot.
* Zubrus shot off DiPietro glove goes wide, Hunter shot misses.
* Vasicek offsides.
* 5:12 left first.

* Devils breakup Satan rush, no sustained offense by Islanders. Devils shot blocked by Islanders defense, out of play.

* Guerin shot blocked.
* Sloppy offense zone passing by Islanders, Brookbank shot wide, DiPietro save on Brookbank.

* Elias wrap around stopped by DiPietro.

* Point shot by Devils off faceoff, stopped by DiPietro, Martinek penalty, Islanders shorthanded.

* Save Dipietro, Park loses stick, shooting gallery for Devils with all shots missing net as they had Park (no stick) and Sillnger running around and pressure for entire two minutes, Witt (with Park's stick) Sutton hold ground. Two saves by DiPietro.

* Islanders chance at end as Brodeur is hit, coincidental penalties as period ends.

Devils better pressure but neither goalie tested much. Islanders struggling to create and a very predictable offense against a beatable defense.
Shots 7-7
Witt: over eight minutes
Second Period:

* Teams start four on four Comrie-Johnny Oduya penalty

* Lot's of center ice sloppy play both sides.
* Comrie good shot off broken play from Guerin pass out of box, save Brodeur.
* Sutton hits post from outside on Devil turnover.
+ Save DiPietro throught screen.
* Simon shot blocked, ran forward and clipped him for a foolish offensive zone penalty.

* Devils turnover shorthanded, Vasicek with all day and a backhand that took forever to float over Brodeur for a goal 1-0 New York. Mike Mottau lost puck or blew tire in hockey terms.

* Devils pp continues, Brookbank shot, save DiPietro.
* PP over, Guerin long shot off Comrie pass, save Brodeur.
* Berard bodies Parise off puck.
* More sloppy play both sides, Devils cycling.
* Gionta good shot, save DiPietro from faceoff circle, puck bouncing a lot.
* Islanders three on one could not get shot through without being blocked.
* Very choppy play both sides.

* Chicken Dance, lot's of Islander fans.

* Following the bouncing puck 9:25 left in second.
* Park wrap around on fourth line, save Brodeur.

* More center ice play, Satan line good pressure, but no shot. Berard shot, blocker save. Gervais angle shot.
* Good pressure by Comrie line, save on poor angle shot by Guerin, Fedotenko pulled down, Pelley penalty, Islander pp.

* Hunter shot from circle, save Brodeur.
* Hunter hits post from circle.
* Campoli save, Brodeur.
* Hunter shot through crease.
* Satan to Campoli to Hunter, Berard to Hinter, Campoli shot saved by Brodeur...clear.
* Comrie get's through defense, no shot, cleared.
* Penalty over.
* Pelley angle shot, save DiPietro whistle.

* Islanders shot through screen, good pressure by Vasicek line.
* 3 minutes left.
* Parise soft shot saved by DiPietro.

* Sutton got picked by official but recovered in his end of ice and Zubrus lost puck.
* Berard reads centering pass well, icing.
* Devils point shot hits Jay Pandolfo, play stops.

* Parise shot, save DiPietro, final minute.
* Parise shot wide, Devils skating hard.
* Islanders offsides.
* Devils good rush at DiPietro by Gionta, save on centering pass on point shot.
* End of second period 11-9 shots.
* 1-0 New York

* Islanders could have had two or three, more dangerous chances that peirod, Devils finshed strong. Ice seems terrible because puck is bouncing like a rock.
Third Period:

* Cood opening shift by Comrie line, good pressure and wrap around save by Brodeur, Campoli pinched well.
* Devils shot wide by Elias.
* Save on Sillinger backhand, save on Hilbert chop at puck.
* Langenbrunner good pressure and shots off DiPietro from bad angles for redirections.
* Hand pass on Fedetenko/Comrie.

* Fedetenko good give and go with Berard off touch pass. Devils penalty.
* Centering pass blocked and cleared.
* Islanders cannot get over center ice with turnovers, sloppy play.
* Penalty over, two harmless shots.

* Devils off sides.
* 13:28 left in third.

* Devils juggling lines.
* Comrie goud chance, lost puck.
* More center ice play, both sides.
* Devils trying to step up play, good pressure.
* Islanders icing 10:46 left in third, Park takes shift with Vasieck line.

* Islanders defense slowed down Parise one-timer on block (Martinek) point shot off faceoff save DiPietro, Islanders icing.
* Center ice play, long shot save and held Brodeur.
* 9:27 left third.

* Clarkson long shot save DiPietro.
* Comrie pressure, Devils clear.
* Satan line cycle.
* Satan bad angle shot, save Brodeur.
* Parise line pressure, shot wide Elias.
* Nice save DiPietro on Elias point shot, heavy Devils pressure.

* Islanders clear, Zajac rush save DiPietro.
* Center ice play, hand pass New Jersey.

* Fedotenko shot blocked, cleared.
* Gionta set play, big save DiPietro.
* Parise shot missed as Devils broke in again.
* Elias rush in shot wide as he split defense as he was forced wide.
* Big Devils pressure again.
* Islander pressure, Hunter turnaround stopped by Brodeur. Jiggs mentions Tonelli like play as Hunter just bulls puck along board.
* Madden bomb stopped and held by DiPietro
* 3:33 left in third....

* Video review-Hunter wrap around. A call from Toronto?
* NEVER. But it looked inconclusive.

* Hunter more hard work and a shot stopped and held by Brodeur.
* Langenbrunner shot, Islanders clear.
* Vasicek clear.
* 2:35 left
* Devils sloppy in center ice.
* Guerin clear 1:50 left.
* Gionta wide, Brodeur out, Devils shot off post.
* Islanders clear
* Play stops puck off Devil 45 second left.

* Time out New York
* Brodeur on bench faceoff outside Islanders zone.
* Islanders clear
* Devils dump in
* Hunter clear...no icing.
* Devils dump in, DiPietro around the boards..

1-0 ISLANDERS WIN........Pass the oxygen.