So far Islander management made right calls

New York Islander Fan Central | 11/17/2007 08:58:00 AM | | |
CBS Sportsline: Wes Goldstein had an article Friday listing his top ten bargains to date for free agents and busts from this summer's free agent class. Vasicek was fifth on the bargain list with Richard Zednik tenth. Jason Blake and Tom Poti made the bust list at ninth and tenth. Jeff Hamilton and Michael Peca made the bargain list.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Looks like Garth Snow, Ted Nolan and the hockey committee made the right calls so far. Given Fedotenko's salary it's easy to omit him as a bargain but his impact on games are usually very visible. Goldstein's article does not get in right on Vasicek, who's line came to life starting with Bergenheim's placement on left wing and continued throught his injury.

Islanders were supposedly very interested in Eric Perrin in Atlanta who also made the list. Zednik's slow start cannot be ignored but he is producing for them now.
I saw Poti's giveaway for a goal against and to read about a groin injury makes me think Islanders knew what they were doing considering the Caps struggles and his contract and the same can be said of Kozlov.

Fair to say the jury should still be out on Comrie and Guerin because they are paid to be first line players, but overall the Islanders record at this point says they made the right decisions. Still both players have to get their numbers for this to work over eighty two games.