Chris Simon suspended thirty games

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Islanders Website: General manager Garth Snow released a statement following the league's announcement Chris Simon has been suspended for thirty games.

“Since Saturday night, the focus of the New York Islanders has been on Chris Simon the person, not him as a player or on his place in our lineup. As we announced on Monday, the Islanders are going to provide Chris the time and support that he needs for counseling. For Chris right now, hockey must be secondary to the priority of taking care of himself.

“Chris has played 15 seasons in the National Hockey League, has won a Stanley Cup and just as importantly has won the respect of his teammates. He is an Islander, deserves our compassion, and we ask that all Islanders fans join us in supporting Chris every step of the way.”

Associated Press: Has Colin Campbell's and Ted Nolan's comments. Simon was to be paid during his time away from the club, but now with the suspension, he will forfeit $292,683.

"It's excessive," Nolan said Wednesday after the Islanders skated before that night's game against the Buffalo Sabres. "What I think has no bearing on the facts. The league suspended him ... now we have to support Chris while he goes through this process and give him all the compassion and all the support we can give him as an organization."

Newsday: Greg Logan returned for an article on Simon's suspension announcement with comments used by Ted Nolan, Garth Snow in the Islander website/AP update.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Ted Nolan's closer to the situtation than myself but I'm surprised he think's the suspension was excessive. I'm shocked the league put themselves in a position where something could happen again this season or the NHLPA put some pressure on Colin Campbell here to not throw the book at him.

The Islanders after thirty games can put him back in their lineup, it's likely to be a very unpopular move with the fans given the reaction over this latest incident.

By my math Simon can return to the Islander lineup around February 20th. I'm just hope the Islanders before they put him back in their lineup make sure they are satisfied this conduct will not be repeated.