Expecting changes

New York Islander Fan Central | 12/09/2007 03:45:00 PM | |
No inside information and it could be something minor in the end that is only a callup.

Usually when a team struggles this long and finally wins one with a few days off to reflect a change is finally made.

I just think this team is at the point where something has to give on a lot of fronts because it has problems on offense that goes beyond any one player or beyond what the coach can do because he has tried almost everything. I do not see anything they can do to fix the problems with one move unless it's a trade but I think we will see some kind of shakeup.

This team has been working hard most games, that's another reason I see something happening.

It also says quite a bit about Marc-Andre Bergeron's status that he was benched again in favor of Freddy Meyer on a night the club was playing it's fifth game in seven days.

With Fedntenko's status up in the air combined with Richard Park shaken up we could easily see something happen before the next game. Bridgeport does play Wednesday for those wondering so we'll see the ripple effect from Utah to Bridgeport to New York coming if it is a callup.

Andy Hilbert scored his goal, I'm not sure that guarantee's him a spot but he has made plays in two games that led to important goals.

Tambellini had one nice give and go but offensively speaking is not having much impact and seems to be knocked off the puck too easily. For now the Islanders have to give him this season and see if he can finally raise his overall game.

I would be shocked if Bergenehim's status changes. You either have the ability to get into scoring position or do not have that ability. It's been no coincidence Bergenheim always seems to be the player in position to score or works to get a shot. I'm not sure Ted Nolan is willing to trust him to do more at this point but the talent is there.

Only the medical staff knows what Shawn Bates hip injury is about this time. If it's related to what's gone on for close to a full year is this the end for him or is it minor that will keep him sidelined? On the telecast he was considered out indefinitely so that seems to be long term.

Just guessing here but Aaron Johnson should be a month away from skating based on the original six to eight week injury report.

I could be wrong. Ted Nolan could do what he always does and play his winning lineup in Tampa against Buffalo, that's been his trend.

I just have a feeling these three days off will bring changes for the team.