Good news travels slow at Newsday

New York Islander Fan Central | 12/28/2007 08:41:00 PM | |
AP: Newsday at 8:02pm finally got around to posting an AP update on Kyle Okposo signing after most of the media outlet's reported it.

Greg Logan/no one on the Newsday sports staff even blogged about it as of this time or found Okposo's agent, Neil Sheehy for a quote. This is a paper that sent Katie Strang and Steve Zipay to Nassau Coliseum for comments from Wayne Gretzky recently and of course has Steve Zipay providing Ranger centric Sunday coverage.

Steve Zipay of course had a quick blog on Ranger practice today and their transactions.

So let's recap:
Islanders tv contract only reason team is still here article from Neil Best: Check
Islander fans do not care about Jason Blake article from Mr Herrmann-Check
Islanders sign their franchise prospect-?

Michael Fornabaio reported the signing in his blog and linked to it this afternoon, where was Newsday's sports department with the hype for this announced signing?