Islanders offense by the numbers

New York Islander Fan Central | 12/08/2007 01:13:00 AM |
Sorry gang, we can keep talking about character or hard work but when you come down to the offensive numbers there is no place to run or hide for the 2007-08 New York Islanders.

A year ago they had never had an extended scoring slump close to this. They had one stretch with two goals or less for five games but won a game in that stretch.

Islanders a year ago played one more game by December 7Th.
2006-07: 14-11-3
2007-08: 13-12-2

2006-07: 83 goals
2007-08: 60 goals

2006-07: 31 goals
2007-08: 26 goals

Nov-Dec 7Th:
2006-07: 52 goals
2007-08: 34 goals

06-07: 21 goals
07-08: 19 goals

06-07: 13 goals
07-08 12 goals

Nov-Dec 7Th:
06-07: 8 goals
07-08: 7 goals

A year ago Islanders had a six game losing streak in late December where they had eight goals in six games.

Now that I wrote the numbers I do have to include the most important comparison.
Islanders were 23-21-6 as late as January 30Th last year.

Something has to give on offense. Yashin did not have a point for eighteen games before he was sat down and was out for weeks with injuries and they did not struggle to this level on offense.